Pink Box Doughnuts [5,] Las Vegas NV

Pink Box Doughnuts

Blueberry Cro-Dough

Blueberry Cake Doughnut

Apple Fritter

Birthday Cake Doughnut

Maple Bacon Bar

Churro Bar

Cinnamon Roll

Buttermilk Bar

Cinnamon Crumb Buttermilk Bar

Fat Elvis Doughnut

Pink Velvet Unicorn Doughnut

Peanut Butter and Jelly Doughnut

Triple Chocolate Poomoji Doughnut

Strawberry Pink Poomoji Doughnut

Coconut Cream Cinco Special Doughnut

Choosing not to partake in two recent occasions when Big Pharma brought Pink Box Doughnuts to the office, an ‘everything in moderation’ approach adhered to even when tempted by the best Doughnuts in town, it was in early celebration of Cinco de Mayo that three dozen Doughnuts were picked up Friday morning on Lake Mead Boulevard, Roberto Armanino’s team already hard at work with pre-orders and a string of walk-in customers.

Open 24/7 and busier on this day than most, two new Doughnuts on the menu plus special requests for Star Wars “May the 4th” novelties keeping the kitchen even busier than clerks, it was with a weighty stack driven down Durango that the car was perfumed with Cinnamon, several rounds still warm when the boxes were unpacked just twenty minutes later.

Having already discussed Pink Box extensively across a dozen visits to various locations dating back to their opening, the continuous improvements in both product quality and variety not to be overlooked in a city where tear-down economics often supplant a continuous pursuit of greatness, it was once again that tasting began with Pink Box’s laminated riff on Dominique Ansel’s Cronut topped in Blueberry Glaze, the textures and flavors both light as ever while a Cake Doughnut with Blueberry in the base benefitted greatly by the fact that it was still warm and fluffy without a hint of grease.

Equally fortunate to find a warm Apple Fritter in the box, as yet unset Glaze making for a somewhat messy experience that was nevertheless delicious, it was sharing or setting aside halves of additional Donuts that Birthday Cake and a Maple Bacon Bar were tasted for the first time in a while, the Churro Bar revived from the “secret menu” on request impressing all who had the opportunity to taste it by way of the combination of Cinnamon-Sugar and thick Dulce de Leche.

Further explaining the hefty fragrance of Cinnamon from earlier with a jumbo-size Cinnamon Roll plus one Buttermilk Bar topped in Streusel, the debate as to whether Pink Box has finally surpassed ACE for best Buttermilk Bar in Sin City something that would require side-by-side tasting, it was in follow-up that both Fat Elvis and PB&J showed once again that Pink Box’s Brioche base is well-suited to maintaining its texture no matter what it is piped with, the all-new Cinco Special striped like Mexico’s flag another fine example featuring Reddi-Wip-light Coconut Cream.

Wrapping with the Emojis, a rare case where Instagram may have actually benefitted something edible, it should be obvious to most that the Pink Velvet Unicorn is little more than a pretty spin on one of Pink Box Doughnuts’ best sellers while the dueling piles of Black and Pink are both great for those looking for something over-the-top, the Chocolate version featuring airy Mousse beneath a Dark Chocolate Shell while the Strawberry version reminisces of Dunkin’s classic with a more natural flavor, though considering its sweetness this one is probably best shared.

FIVE STARS: In a city with 40+ million annual visitors and formerly-Michelin Starred Restaurants that haven’t adjusted their tasting menu in ten years the impetus to change something that ‘works’ sometimes seems lacking, but at Pink Box Doughnuts the hits just keep coming with two all-new options atop an already fun and delicious lineup.

RECOMMENDED: Buttermilk Bar, Cro-Dough, Blueberry Cake, Churro Doughnut, Strawberry Pink Poomoji Doughnut, Peanut Butter and Jelly.


TIP: Keep an eye on @pinkboxdoughnuts or @pinkboxdoughnutslv for Specials.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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