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Gama Bakery & Cakes

Nino Envuelto de Raspberry y Coco


Cema de Leche y Crema

Mexican Wedding Cookie

Empanada de Guava


Apple Turnover

Besos de Raspberry y Coco

Carrot Cake

Still listed as “Coming Soon November 2017” on their Website, weekly @tagging of every “influencer” featured in Las Vegas Weekly’s 2017 article apparently felt to be a better use of resources than creating an informative internet presence, it was finally on May 1st that Gama Bakery & Cakes opened at the corner of West Sahara and South Decatur, a visit on Cinco de Mayo finding the expansive store adjacent Playa Papagayos devoid of patrons but chock-a-block full of Cakes, Rolls and Pan Dulce.

On the record as inhabiting Suite 27 of the complex at 4750 West Sahara Avenue, one of Las Vegas’ largest Mexican Supermarkets located across the parking lot and several new dining concepts springing up in an area that appears to be slowly gentrifying, it is immediately on entry that guests will be struck by bright pink walls and a large footprint encompassing seven cases plus an area reserved for Balloons and Snacks, the lone server present youthful, pleasant and happy to answer questions.

Offering a diversity of products comparable to or larger than other Panaderia around town, a current 50% off Pan Dulce and $2 Cake Slices lowering prices to levels less than the likes of even La Bonita, it was after being informed that Tres Leches had not yet been made for the day that a collection of nine items was selected for just $5.24, a total that even when doubled represents a significant bargain.

Additionally serving Sandwiches, Tamales and Menudo at market-competitive prices, the list of options displayed on boards hanging above the spotless kitchen and bakery, it was with all but one item boxed that a seat was taken at a table in the store’s upper tier, a woman later entering with Milk and Eggs suggesting her co-worker turn on some music that was festive and welcoming without being too loud.

A full service Bakery with Custom Cake and Catering capabilities, the situation not dissimilar to many spaces of its kind, it was beginning with small forkfuls of Carrot Cake that tasting of Gama’s goods got underway, the base heterogeneous with Raisins, Nuts and Vegetables suspended in an aromatic base that proved an adequate foil to slightly oversweetened Frosting.

Not listing the names of their Pastries, another practice seen across a wide range of ethnic Bakeries from coast-to-coast, it was largely focusing on familiar items that bites were enjoyed from Gama’s fluffy Jelly-Roll topped in Coconut Flakes before moving onto the seemingly similar Besos, the Cookie sometimes also referred to as Yo-Yo unfortunately dry and inedible with an internal texture reminiscent of Saltines.

Transitioning back to Cake with a sprinkled wedge of Cortadillo, the texture here too parched and grainy despite a thin layer of Frosting similar in color to Gama’s walls, it was fully expecting the Concha to present similarly that the Bun was torn in half only to reveal unparalleled softness and all the springiness of Challah, a truly remarkable accomplishment and better than any found in Mexico City, let alone stateside.

Not particularly impressed by an Apple Turnover, the obvious use of Pie Filling shifting the focus from crispy layers to artificial sweetness, it was in a Bun even softer and fluffier than the Concha that Gama Bakery & Cakes’s best item was found soaked by Custard and Icing, the flattened spin on a Wedding Cookie also quite good as it melted like Butter on the tongue while a Guava Empanada was par for the course and neither better nor worse that what one will find at the Grocery Store.

THREE STARS: Still finding their footing in a part of town that would certainly benefit from a quality Bakery, the lengthy delays in opening and questionable promotional decisions notwithstanding, it will be interesting to re-visit Gama Bakery & Cakes once they have time to see what sells and fix their recipes to account for Las Vegas’ dry air and volume, though a sooner return for Tamales when the Tres Leches is actually ready before noon is certainly not out of the question.

RECOMMENDED: Cema de Leche y Crema, Concha, Wedding Cookie.

AVOID: Besos, Apple Turnover, Cortadillo.

TIP: 05:30a-07:00p Weekdays, 07:00a-07:00p Saturday, 07:00a-04:00p Sunday.  No Geotag, No Facebook, but @gamabakerycakes on Instagram.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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