Asia Creamery, Las Vegas NV

Asia Creamery

Samples: Birthday Cake, Jackfruit, Coffee Chip

Creamy Queso Ice Cream Sandwich

Halo-Halo with Ube Macapuno Ice Cream and Flan

Part of the ever-sprawling section of Rainbow Boulevard South of the 215 it was in search of dessert that a stop was made at Asia Creamery, its location tucked away in a Strip Mall between yet another Poke Bowl Restaurant and an enormous Family Fun Center likely beneficial in terms of foot traffic but not exactly helping the locally owned and operated Scoop Shop in terms of visibility for those not actively searching for it.

Officially opened in the waning days of 2016 and fancied by what appears to be a largely Pilipino population drawn in by Hard and Soft Serve flavors including the likes of Ube, Jack Fruit, Coconut and others, it was with a group of three folks purchasing gift cards for friends that the menu was perused while a young staff member stood ready in wait ready to offer both samples and recommendations.

Stating that “everything in the case” is made on-site in reference to over a dozen brightly colored bins, the Jack Fruit a bit icy but four other flavors all smooth including bitter-sweet Coffee Chip, it was without much hesitation that one Ice Cream Sandwich and a cup of Halo-Halo was selected, a total of $10 paid including tax and tip.

Given the choice of Oreo or Chocolate Wafer to contain the Sandwich, a difference that is seemingly just a matter of branding, it was between layers of the former that a ball of “Creamy Queso” was gently squashed, the flavor not so different from the sort found in the Frosting atop Red Velvet Cake and overall quite pleasant without being too sweet.

Working on the Sandwich as part two of the order was concocted behind the counter, an Ice shaver actively whirring instead of the typical blender, it was largely as a result of this instrument that Asia Creamery’s Halo-Halo came across smoother and more enjoyable than others compromised by the heterogeneity of uncracked Ice Cubes, a scoop of Ube Ice Cream with strips of Coconut mixed in after sipping the over-stuffed cup down and each bite thereafter a little different and particularly good when including candied Cherries or Flan.

FOUR STARS: Not quite as pure a product as Rainbow Boulevard’s two Gelato Shops there is nonetheless a lot to like about Asia Creamery both in terms of its novel housemade flavors and pleasant customer service.

RECOMMENDED: Halo-Halo, Creamy Queso, Ube Macapuno.

AVOID: Jack Fruit was icy and the small taste of Birthday Cake tasted like nothing but Sugar.

TIP: Also offering flavors like Avocado plus popular Ube Soft Serve those interested in Ice Cream Cakes will be glad to know several pre-made versions are available daily in addition to custom versions via pre-order – 10% off with Social Media Check-in.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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