Gunnarson’s Specialkonditori, Stockholm SE

Gunnarson’s Specialkonditori

Sample – Gotlandslimpa

Princess Cake

Kardemumma Bulle




Blabars Mazarin

Karlsbader Bulle Rhbarber

Located just a few blocks from Restaurant Pelikan and embodying the same old school sensibilities that have withstood the test of time it was before much needed rest that a stop was made at Gunnarson’s Specialkonditori, the two-story storefront at Götgatan 92 offering one of Stockholm’s largest collections of confections at a price slightly higher than most, though the product quality is universally quite high.

Open daily since the 1940’s for Fika and Coffee, both floors offering seating but only the upstairs featuring table service, guests entering Gunnarson’s will immediately be taken by the vast expanse of options laid out both inside and atop cases with decorative Pretzels hanging overhead, samples of freshly baked Bread available to pass the time while perusing.

Not a safe place for the indecisive or gluttonous, the sheer volume of eye-catching Fika enough to compel a sizeable order even when one has just eaten, it was with several desirable items left behind that an order of seven was boxed and bagged for 270 SEK, the products ported across town for consumption with first bites of the Princess Cake a dramatic upgrade from Vete–Katten in terms of levity, texture and sweetness.

Moving next to a particularly spicy Cardamom Roll, the springy Dough baked golden but fluffy within, it was with this base made creamy by poached Rhubarb that Gunnarson’s further impressed before briefly taking a step back in an overly-crumbly Tosca, the mixed-nut Notknappare faring far better as the caramelized Brown Sugar penetrated deeply adding moisture.

Rounding out the order with two fruit-filled Fika, the classic Katalan nicely balancing tart Raspberry Jam with sugared Frosting, it was again in a seasonal special that Gunnarson’s shined brightest, the Blueberry-studded Blabars Mazarin not unlike a French Financier with the Almond Flour base toothsome and dense yet soft and delicate.

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