Cafe Schweizer, Stockholm SE

Cafe Schweizer



Strawberry Meringue


Located not far from Stockholm’s Royal Palace and perhaps best known for allowing guests to scrawl all over the walls it was on Saturday morning that a visit was paid to Cafe Schweizer, the space called Schweizerkonditoriet by locals serving an admirable but narrow Breakfast Menu in addition to Coffee, Tea and Pastries.

Open from 7am till past 20h00 daily, a rarity in socialist Scandinavia where limited work hours in favor of quality of life see many Bageris and Konditoris close early rather than hire a second shift, it was after a pleasant walk in Gamla Stan’s rarely-tourist-free streets that Västerlångg 9 was located in a small alley, the server with just one other patron quickly offering greetings in addition to suggestions in fluent English.

Not particularly looking for Eggs or Sandwiches during a day with substantial dining plans including Frantzen, the Café established in 1920 instead experienced by way of four Pastries including still-warm Cinnamon Rolls moist with Butter inside a golden coil, it was with Pearl Sugar crackling to the tooth that the dish was gone in minutes, the follow-up Tosca also faring well with a moist and toothsome crumb and plenty of candied slices of Almond.

Moving next to an item suggested by the clerk, a buttery Tart Shell filled with chilled Cream, glazed Strawberries and Meringue that would have likely been better given time to warm, it was in conclusion that the first Chokladboll was experienced with over a dozen to follow, the Oats in this one a bit more prominent than in others, thus cutting down on the sweetness and yielding a flavor more hearty and appealing than many.

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