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In a place where Organic, Natural and Artisan do not need to be shouted like they often do in a country of processed goods it is not uncommon for a Bakery to fly under the radar despite making world class Bread, Stockholm’s Bakery & Spice but one example of the sort of place locals take for granted even though the items sold inside would easily qualify as the best in most cities Stateside.

Located at Torsgatan 46 and largely unadorned in its corner-pocket layout, Monday through Friday beginning at 07h30 and weekends pushed back thirty minutes, guests entering Bakery & Spice will quickly notice the limited size of a store with no seating area, over 75% of the floorplan comprised of a behind-the-scenes kitchen while the visible area boasts a range of Loaves, Rolls and Viennoiseries.

Featuring lower prices than more full-scale Bageris and Konditoris, the shop’s focus certainly more on craft than customer “experience” even though service is pleasant enough, it was without much indecision that a total of six items were selected before being gathered up and bagged, a bench outside offering seating for those who desire it though the better bet for al fresco consumption is a sizable park nearby.

Know for what some call Stockholm’s best Cinnamon Roll, the presence of sliced and roasted Almonds adding texture to soft curls loaded with Butter beneath, it was with half of the Roll gone in a few bites that the tasting transitioned to a similar braid spiced by Cardamom, a hefty shake of Granulated Sugar also altering mouthfeel while upping sweetness significantly compared to Kardemumma Bulle tasted elsewhere.

Impressing next with a flaky Butter Croissant, the interior not honeycombed but spiral and open, it was moving on to something far denser that Bakery & Spice performed better yet, the weekend-only Frukt & Notbrod chock-a-block full of Hazelnuts, Raisins, Apricots, Almonds and more so delicious that despite its size and heft one may find themselves pulling off moist chunks and crispy edges until it is gone by day’s end.

Rounding out the experience in Cocoa, a blossoming affinity for Chokladboll discovering Bakery & Spice’s to be more Coconut than most, it was as a surprise that the Brownie recommended by a woman in line proved to be another highlight, a far lighter texture than pictures would indicate surrounding thicker pockets of Fudge and creating something as texturally complex as it is delicious.

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