Green Rabbit, Stockholm SE

Green Rabbit

Kardemumma Bulle

Nut Mandelkaka

Rhubarb Mandelkaka


Opened by two starred Chefs, Martin Berg and Mathias Dahlgren of Matberen at the Grand Hotel, Green Rabbit is nothing if not unassuming, a simple faded awning hanging over the entry at Tegnérgatan 17 in Stockholm where a pleasant staff stands ready to serve guests from Tuesday through Saturday.

Originally opened in 2014 and officially titled Green Rabbit Rågbrödsbageriet, Dahlgren and Berg’s specific focus on Loaves and Pastries baked from Swedish Rye, those fortunate enough to pick Green Rabbit out amongst the pack will quickly find themselves greeted by a small allotment of tables upon entry, walls lined in ingredients including bags of Flour for purchase while the collection of baked goods stands behind glass near the register.

Limited but not lacking, a collection of sweets and savories rotating based on Market availability but always including at least a few classics such as house-smoked Salmon Smørrebrød, it was with a focus entirely on sweeter things that items were perused and a small order assembled, the bagged goods taken elsewhere for consumption largely because early summer had the space quite warm and Green Rabbit does not offer Iced Coffee.

Built on big flavors to compliment a rustic style of baking befitting such a toothsome grain, two pintsized Almond Cakes starting things off with just enough added sweetness to highlight toasted Nuts or tangy Rhubarb nestled in a toothsome base, it is without hesitation that all in attendance should specifically request a wedge or whole Loaf of Ragkaka, each bite loaded with Butter but different from the next thanks to ground Nuts and what appears to be Coconut while the Cardamom Bun is also good but in this day’s case a little under-baked leading to soggy insides that also didn’t see to adhere to the Rye concept.

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