Good Pie [3,] Las Vegas NV

Good Pie

Upside down Grandma Slice in homage to L&B Spumoni Gardens

Garlic Bread

House Salad with Urban Seed Greens and Honey-Citrus Vinaigrette

Garlic Knot

Meatball Roll with Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce, Garlic Confit Oil and Pork-Beef Meatballs

Apparently a day for offering feedback beyond the typical ‘reviews’ it was after the lunch rush that a visit was made to Good Pie, Vince Rotolo and his team celebrating their four month anniversary by featuring a few Specials with more to come as Summer approaches quickly.

Turning a corner early in its lifespan thanks to Vincent’s investment in the downtown community, a win at the Back of House Brawl and good business from local law firms helping along a space that suffers from a location tucked in the back corner of Pawn Plaza, it was as a few take-out orders were called in that Chef Rotolo was found in typically good spirits, just he and one employee present but the window stocked with Slices as well as Garlic Knots and a few Salads.

Last seen by way of catering that had colleagues calling Good Pie “the best Pizza I’ve ever tasted,” the Grandma-style and Vince’s passionate discussion of its history winning over fans who’d never given much thought to the worldwide love of Pizza, it was in homage to both Grandma and New York’s L&B Spumoni Gardens that teeth cracked through a thin and crispy Crust protected from 3-fold the normal amount of Sauce by Cheese, everything about the idea an upgrade on the Brooklyn legend, though fans of thicker Dough may disagree.

Further improving the décor since late February, Mets and Brooklyn Dodgers paraphernalia joining a Caputo display plus more Grandmas for the wall, it was in follow-up to the slice that Chef Rotolo rolled out a new daily special intended to be served at lunch, Good Pie’s version of a Stromboli slightly larger than the typical Meatball Hero or Hoagie and faring far better thanks to Pizza Dough allowed to rise around it plus Vince’s Tomato Sauce and top-quality Mozzarella.

Offering both a Caesar and House Salad for the health-conscious, each punching above their pricetag thanks to Greens from Urban Seed plus housemade dressing including a honeyed-Vinaigrette, it is finally after a few tweaks that Good Pie is proud to serve Garlic Knots that unravel to a light pull with flaky insides and plenty of flavor, the still-in-the-works Bread proving even more aromatic and already better than most – no simple Butter and Garlic Powder here, but instead whole Cloves cooked and preserved in Oil forming the backbone to a soft and toothsome Loaf.

FIVE STARS: Evolving the concept daily, Pizza and passion never a problem for Rotolo no matter where he is cooking, a look at Good Pie four months in shows signs of continued excellence with more good things soon to come.

RECOMMENDED: Detroit Style Good Time, The Good White Grandma Pie and Gluten Free Pies were all hits when catered while this visit was highlighted by the Knots and Upside Down Grandma Slice.

AVOID: N/A, though some might find the House Salad’s Dressing a bit too sweet.

TIP: Open 11am daily with online or phone orders available, delivery offered via Postmates within a 5-mile radius.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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