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Tössebageriet Konditori


Kardemumma Bulle

Manadens Bulle





With Chef Mattias Ljungberg garnering all sorts of notoriety for Mr. Cake one might think Tössebageriet Konditori may have suffered, but based on back-to-back visits it seems as though both spaces have maintained high standards, the former obviously more novel while “Tösse” focuses on traditional Fika served in a classically decorated room.

Originally founded in 1920 by Helga Södermark, another Konditori like Vete–Katten built by a female that has grown into an institution with time, Tössebageriet resides at Karlavägen 77 where it has served locals for nearly one hundred years, the menu rare to change save for seasonal items such as the supposed best-in-Stockholm Semla served during the holidays.

Open weekdays at 7am and two hours later Saturday or Sunday, seating areas inside and out rarely with an open space during early hours and around lunch, it was shortly after entry that a two-top against the far wall became free, six items plated by a young lady at costs lower than Mr. Cake joined by freely-refillable Coffee and tasting started off by a Cardamom Bun indistinguishable from the one Ljungberg offers at his newer Bakery.

Further showing evidence of connections to Mr. Cake with a Doughnut served upright, the name Manadens Bulle used to describe Dough centered by Strawberry Jam, it was only in Tössebageriet’s Katalan that quality dropped off, the base too dense and dry beneath only a bit of Raspberries and Frosting.

Returning to form with a traditional Tosca, Sugar- shellacked Almonds sliced thin atop buttery Cake, it was in a Budapest Cake packed with Raspberries that Tössebageriet shined brightest, each bite of airy Cream and Meringue slightly different from the one prior while a round Chokladboll was equally heterogenous but densely packed in Oats and Coconut Flakes.


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