Bageri Petrus, Stockholm SE

Bageri Petrus


Kardemumma Bulle

Butter Croissant

Chocolate Croissant

Morning Bun

Mjblomma Rabarber

Liked by some respected palates as Stockholm’s best bakery it was for Breakfast on Monday that a visit was made to Bageri Petrus, the baker visibly rolling Dough at a front window and Croissants proofing behind him a good sign even before opening the door to a jolly “Hej Hej” from two young ladies at the counter.

Located near the center of Södermalm and likened to the great bakeries of France despite Petrus’ relatively young age, limited indoor and outside seating making it more a true Cafe than some of Sweden’s Artisan Bageris, guests entering will soon have their vision saturated by items on racks and behind glass, several Swedish classics unavailable and instead replaced by loaves of Bread that rotate daily plus Brioche, housemade Jams and Croissants.

Open weekdays at 07h00 and Saturday an hour later with Sundays offering a day of rest it was after waiting in a queue of locals en route to work that five items plus a cup of Coffee were selected, the decision to start with Petrus’ Cardamom Bun a good one as it allowed a few bites of Butter and Spice to wash over the palate before setting the rest aside and “saving the best for last.”

Moving next to a Butter Croissant, undoubtedly the best amongst a limited sampling in Stockholm thanks to a crisp Shell around insides light and wispy, it was admittedly surprising that the Pain au Chocolat offered equally light layers despite a dense core still warm and slightly molten.

No doubt benefitting by early arrival, the Morning Bun also warm but a little one dimensional thanks to so much Sugar, it was with expected tanginess that Brioche topped in Rhubarb Custard made lips pucker before the mouth adjusted, a return to the Kardemumma Bulle momentarily making one ponder sticking around to sip Coffee while enjoying another.

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