Flock & Fowl Catering, Las Vegas NV

Flock & Fowl Catering

Miso Black Garlic Hummus, Scallion Pancakes, Crudite

Springrolls, Sweet Chile Sauce

Chicken Wings, Angry Sauce, Honey Butter

The Hot Flock Sando – Fried Chicken Breast, Sichuan Chili Oil, Flock Sauce, House Slaw, Doug’s Egg Bread

Bang Bang Chicken Noodle Salad – Sichuan Chili, Cucumbers, Peanut Dressing, Preserved Mustard Greens

Mixed Berry Cheesecake

If one wants to know why some Restaurants are favored for catering by Big Pharma while others are overlooked they need only look up the dictionary definition of “convenient,” and though recent changes by the legislature will likely also make cost a factor the best thing a locally run business can do to gather industry dollars is make things easy, accurate and timely – none of these especially the case for Flock & Fowl DTLV though the Food was expectedly delicious.

Still new to delivery despite years in the Restaurant business, Sheridan and Jenny’s unique path to a place downtown recently seeing Chef Su receive a prestigious James Beard Foundation Semi-Finalist nod, it was with an order arranged and paid for some 48-hours prior that Food was delivered fifteen minutes later than anticipated, phone-calls to numbers on both the website and one suggested by Google unanswered as the Restaurant does not open until 5pm, the elevator system in the office further contributing to the delay as early shift employees saw more than 1/3 of their break wasted.

Eventually unpacked and arranged, the absence of two bought-and-paid-for items necessitating reimbursement and repeat apologies but thankfully no excuses, it was using serviceware left over from Andre’s Bistro that items were plated by hungry staff, most’s first bite from either red hot “Angry Sauce” Chicken Wings or those tossed in Honey Butter, travel time doing nothing to harm crispiness that won Flock & Fowl a city-wide competition in March and all sixty gone within minutes despite smaller than expected attendance.

Always a challenging group to please, several picky eaters plus a few intolerances or “allergies” to be accounted for, it was much to the delight of all that Flock & Fowl’s Spring Rolls were flavorful and not overly ‘sour’ with Cabbage, the dipping Sauces also making a good impression on the Rolls or atop Scallion Pancakes intended to be dipped in creamy Garlic Hummus that had healthier members of the group swooning while those who turned up their nose in the past at Purple Potato or Portion Control expectedly took a pass.

Omitting Flock Fries that would have undoubtedly proved popular with this group, the result thus being more people forced to give Sheridan’s Bang Bang Chicken Noodle Salad a chance, it was even after many went back for seconds of thick Noodles more ‘heated’ than spicy that half a tray remained as leftovers, though this certainly was not the case with a crispy Chicken Breast on fluffy Brioche from Doug Taylor that got devoured quickly with cooling Slaw set against Chili Oil nor the Cheesecake which didn’t exactly present well sliced thin, though that did not really seem to matter as all off it was gone within minutes with several second-shifters likely never even getting a chance to see a fluffy multi-layered wedge.

N/A: Making it blog policy to not ‘rate’ places based on catering alone suffice it to say that this will hopefully be a learning experience for Jenny and Sheridan, the likelihood of this particular Company doing repeat business probably low but the Food definitely confirming Flock & Fowl’s capabilities and presenting even more reason to visit the actual Restaurant downtown.

RECOMMENDED: Miso Black Garlic Hummus with Scallion Pancakes, Honey Butter Wings, The Hot Flock Sando, Bang Bang Chicken Noodle Salad.


TIP: www.flockandfowl.com/catering-and-private-dining for costs and available items.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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