Fractured Prune Doughnuts, Las Vegas NV

Fractured Prune Doughnuts

Apple Surprise – Apple Glaze, Graham Cracker, Bacon

Bacon Bomb – Maple Glaze, Cinnamon-Sugar, Bacon

Apple Pie – Apple Glaze, Cinnamon-Sugar, Graham Cracker

DIY – Blueberry Glaze, Cinnamon-Sugar, Vanilla Wafers

Bulletproof Coffee – Mocha Glaze, Chocolate Sprinkles, Salt

Dulce de Leche – Caramel Glaze, Powdered Sugar

Birthday Cake – Vanilla Glaze, Marshmallows, Carnival Sprinkles

Ms. Prunella – Mixed Berry Glaze, Cinnamon-Sugar

Carnival – Honey Glaze, Carnival Sprinkles

OC Sand – Honey Glaze, Cinnamon-Sugar

Coffee Cake – Mocha Glaze, Graham Crackers, Powdered Sugar

Cookies & Cream – Vanilla Glaze, Cookie Crumbs

Wondering aloud on New Year’s Day 2016 how Fractured Prune Doughnuts had not made an inroad to Las Vegas it was a mere ten months later that a franchise opened on Flamingo near the 215, a distance less than five minutes from home quickly forgotten despite ownership’s targeting of “influencers” but a recent reminder provided when visiting SG Bar which is located in essentially the same complex.

At this point growing to some twenty-five stores with the bulk in Maryland and a location at 9460 West Flamingo Road the most westerly to date, ownership apparently the same as that in Glendale per the store’s pleasant employees, Fractured Prune Las Vegas is found in a smaller footprint than the shopping mall near University of Phoenix Stadium but by-and-by the experience is quite similar.

Still “Always HOT since 1976” per neon signage, an LED list of favorites and the store’s checklist menu up front with a conveyor belt churning out fried rings behind the register, it was while a mother and two excitable kids waited that a dozen was picked, $1.89 each essentially making the two boxes of six a buy ten get two free bargain.

Allowing unbounded customization thanks to a vast array of Glazes and Toppings, the fact that each base is identical a limitation inherent to the concept, it was with a 10% off Coupon for “next time” that staff bid guests adieu as there is only limited seating, a bit of shade and some steps near the soon-to-open Parsley Mediterranean #3 good enough to sit while and take a bite of an employee suggested creation featuring Apple Glaze, Graham Cracker Dust and crumbled Bacon.

More oily than remembered from Arizona, the grease not overwhelming but definitely perceptible after moving past another selection topped with Bacon that masked the flavor thanks to its own fat and salinity, it was with four more tasted including one DIY Blueberry Glaze with Cinnamon Sugar plus Nilla Wafers that the rest were reserved for later, a sense of regret already lingering for getting twelve instead of a half-dozen.

Pleased by a several-days-late Father’s Day special of “Bulletproof Coffee,” the slightly bitter Mocha Glaze and Salt Crystals again doing a good job of subduing a pervasive flavor more obvious beneath fake-Fruit or pseudo-Honey, it was from a now-cooled second box that Coffee Cake performed best, the Coffee-tinged topping once again responsible though the fact that Cake beneath was now far less fluffy suggests that Fractured Prune is probably not the best choice to take off-site or to the office.

TWO AND A HALF STARS: While one would assume Fractured Prune’s automated frying process and Oil are standardized from franchise to franchise, especially those owned by the same operator, this visit to the Las Vegas branch fared far worse than thirty months prior before the Fiesta Bowl in terms of taste while the difference in texture from frying to four hours later suggests limited shelf-life compared to most other Doughnut Shops.

RECOMMENDED: Mocha Glaze, Bacon.

AVOID: Honey Glaze, Marshmallows, letting them cool.

TIP: For what it is worth, servers were exceedingly pleasant and efficient so the issues did not seem to be related to anything aside from the oil, dough or fryer as compared to what was tasted in Glendale.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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