Café Pascal, Stockholm SE

Café Pascal

Strawberry Custard Croissant

Chocolate Almond Croissant



Kardemumma Bulle

Located just up the way from Kafé Esaias it was at Café Pascal that five additional Fika were ordered on Thursday morning, everything about the experience a 180ᵒ change as the space was humming with activity while servers seemed downright joyous whether brewing Coffee or plating Pastries.

Occupying a cozy corner at Norrtullsgatan 4, Odenplan Station and a sizable Park generating plenty of foot traffic even on a weekday, guests entering Café Pascal will likely be met by a small line amidst the spacious interior, items continuously coming out from the kitchen to replenish those in short supply and suggesting early is a good time arrive as one might find themselves purchasing something still warm from the oven.

Not quite as traditional as many of Stockholm’s more storied spaces, everything from Croissants to Avocado Toast joining items such as Kardemumma Bulle, it was based only on the fact that two types of Croissant had just been placed on racks that dining began with one of each, the sliced and filled one with Custard and Berries decent but already compromised by sogginess while the Chocolate Almond version was warm and wondrous thanks to a shattering shell, thick and gooey Filling plus excellent lamination.

Moving onward to a squared-off Cinnamon Roll, the coil softening as it unraveled to reveal layers of Cinnamon and Butter until it reached a puffy center, it was on similar Dough cut from a pan that Café Pascal’s Toscabulle was upgraded by plenty of Nuts and caramelized Sugar while the Kardemumma Bulle some call Stockholm’s best was a little too “Dinner Roll” in terms of texture when compared to the likes of Magnus Johansson or Åsö Konditori.

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