Fäviken Magasinet (Breakfast,) Järpen SE

Fäviken Magasinet

Black Currant Nectar

Soft Boiled Egg

Smoked Moose Heart, Cow’s Milk Cheese, 24-month Ham

Bird Liver Mousse, Smoked Trout with Brown Butter Caramel, Cream Cheese, hand-churned Butter

House Sourdough, Rye Bread

Cloudberry Preserves, Cured Cod Roe, Seaweed Salt

Fresh Yogurt

Linseed, Barley and Oat Porridge

Dogges Syltkaka

Waking up early, memories of the Meal which ended just five hours prior still fresh, it was with GPS in hand that a lengthy jog around the Fäviken Estate got started, Järpen’s landscape in full bloom during a time of year when the sun never really sets and nearly fifteen miles of gravel paths with a view of the mountains in Åre helping to build-up quite an appetite for what many traveling gourmands consider to be one of the World’s great Breakfasts.

Returning to the hotel for a warm shower and packing, the 09h00 meal followed by 11h00 check-out and a lengthy drive, it was once again upon arrival to the lounge that guests were led up to the same table they’d occupied the previous night, several familiar faces both amongst the guests and staff present with many items already in place forming quite a spread.

Priced at a modest 250 SEK per person, this in addition to the 2000 SEK overnight accommodations actually a deal considering both location and what is offered, it was with complimentary Coffee poured that servers explained each item as light instrumental music played overhead, everything save for Honey-sweetened Juice made on-site and encouragement provided to start with a soft boiled Egg that was still warm.

Moving next to a collection of Charcuterie and Spreads, the Trout Rillettes particularly memorable given initial sweetness that smoothly transitions to smoke, it was atop housemade Rye Bread that this as well as creamy Liver was spread while slices of Ham, Moose Heart and Cheese stacked better on Fäviken’s Sourdough, though in reality all were probably best consumed on their own so that Bread could instead be saved for every last smear of Butter.

Introducing two additional items after a Coffee Refill, tangy Yogurt with a thin skin on top nicely paired to chunky Cloudberry Jam, it was without finding much use for a lump of cured Fish Eggs nor Salt fortified with Seaweed that thick Porridge was plopped in a bowl, the lack of sweetness relieved by lots of Butter and nuttiness while warm Thumbprint Cookies offered a crispy rim and jammy center to finish.


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