Åre Bageri, Åre SE

Åre Bageri


Donut med Socker och Grädde




Nötpaj med Vispgrädde

Princess Cake

Checked out of Fäviken by 10h30 it was with a lengthy drive ahead that two guests stopped into Åre Bageri for provisions, the sizable space fairly full considering a season of empty slopes but servers all pleasant and helpful while prices trend a bit lower than those for similar items in Stockholm.

Open since 1984 and at this point a full-scale Restaurant featuring everything from Fika to Sandwiches and housemade Ice Cream, early hours additionally offering a grab and go table of Breads, Jams and Spreads, it was after lengthy perusal of forty-plus items that seven were selected, some including a particularly light slice of Princess Cake with a ribbon of Raspberry Jam never intended to make it to the car and most of the rest not surviving past the door either.

Taking a seat in the dining room with loaded bag and tray, several other patrons opting for al fresco dining during northern Sweden’s short Summer, it was as another happily worked her way through the aforementioned Cake that attention was shifted to a still-warm Cinnamon Roll, the lack of one spiced instead by Cardamom admittedly disappointing though the golden top and soft yet springy interior was excellent nonetheless.

Finding a few items not previously seen elsewhere, one titled Havrekaka essentially a finely-ground Oatmeal Cookie baked crisp and drizzled in Chocolate, it was next into a second Järvsölak that teeth sank, the chewy Coconut base even better than that al Lill-Babs in Järvsö while the Chokladboll was similarly flawed by being all Cocoa and almost no Oats or shredded Coconut save for the outside.

At this point with only a few half-items set aside, the fact that neither a filled Donut nor Pie with a sidecar of Vanilla Bean Anglaise was likely to travel well something that probably should have been considered earlier, suffice it to say that “saving the best for last” still proved to be a good choice despite being well-sated as the Custard inside sugared Dough was thick and rich without being too sweet while the buttery Shell full of toasted Nuts and Caramel was essentially a supersized Notknappare made even better by its creamy Condiment.


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