Warm Belly Bakery, Chicago IL

Warm Belly Bakery

Oatmeal Craisin Cookie

Salted Butterscotch Toffee Cookie

Dark & Salty Coffee Toffee Cookie

Ube with Ube Buttercream Cookie

Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cookie

With Cookies recently getting some well-deserved time in the spotlight, Cupcakes long gone and Donuts the everlasting American standard of Pastry, it was based on good word of mouth that a visit was made to Warm Belly Bakery, though in comparison to spots on either coast the only thing found inside was kitschy decorations, high prices and disappointment.

Located in the West Loop at 1148 West Monroe Street, a short walk from Fulton Marrket easy even in sweltering or frigid weather, it was with no one present at the register on entry that items were perused, a thin young man lazily emerging from the back room and standing with glazed eyes but not saying a word as though he’d been caught napping.

Eventually interrupting iHeartRadio tunes with “Can I help you,” a request for four thick rounds presented on the counter seeing one more added near the register, it was after pictures were snapped and the same scene repeated with another customer that Cookies were taken elsewhere to eat, first bites off an Oatmeal Craisin round with crisp rim and flexible center a high-point that would not be matched.

Moving next to four of the mounds, a style of Cookie that rarely achieves desired consistency outside of NYC’s Levain, it was after just one bite of sugary Ube with even sweeter Frosting that the bright Purple lump was left to birds on the pavement, a follow-up of Salted Butterscotch at least mellowing the Sugar a touch while Hazelnut Chocolate Chip again tasted more sweet than anything else, only the Dark & Salty Coffee Toffee Cookie justifying its $3 cost thanks to an bold topnote of Dark Matter Coffee broken up by melted bits of Toffee.


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