Greek Delights, Las Vegas NV

Greek Delights

Saganaki – Flamed Greek Cheese, Pita


Gyros Combo Plate – Flame Broiled Beef and Lamb / Spanakopita with Spinach, Feta, Ricotta / Greek Salad / Zante Fries / Tzatziki Sauce / Pita

Hummus – Chickpeas, Lemon, Garlic, Olive Oil, Pita


As a proponent of locally owned eateries it is always difficult when such a place disappoints, but on Wednesday evening alongside two others Greek Delights managed to do so in unprecedented fashion that almost seemed intentional it was so egregious.

Located on North Rancho Drive and now open for five months, a former Food Truck turned dine-in and set up inside another former Restaurant without much thought given to décor, guests entering Greek Delights will immediately note a concise menu hanging above an open kitchen with counter-style ordering, the woman behind the register pleasant but pithy while cooks went about tasks preparing items for take-out.

Doing better business than one might expect in such a location, drivers from Grubhub and Doordash both arriving over the course of 45 minutes in addition to three more couples, it was after first being told that Rice Pudding was unavailable that $4.50 was refunded for sold-out Loukoumades, a fifteen minute delay with small flies buzzing amidst air conditioning that could not keep up further setting the scene.

Uncertain how Pita and presumably ready-made Hummus could take so long, though when still-touchable cast-iron containing lots of Lemon and undercooked Kefalograviera arrived it was assumed to be in allowing this to act as an Appetizer, it was after finishing the $9 plate that four a la carte Falafel were presented visibly dripping with Oil, a thick Garlic Sauce additionally added to further compromise both taste and texture.

Not at all amused at this point, expediting clearly in favor of take-out, it was with a plate of room temperature Gyro Meat atop limp Fries which carry a $2.00 surcharge for crumbled Feta that another underwhelming arrived, the Spanakopita a lone highlight thanks to flaky Phyllo while Hummus that finally arrived was average and served with too little Bread for such a portion.

Forced to request Tzatziki listed as part of the combo thrice, the final time at the counter producing one small container, it was with Baklava already on the table at the same time as Hummus that a bite laced in low expectations was taken, not one bit of crunch found and the bottom sopping wet though the Walnuts and Cinnamon were at least plentiful.

ONE AND A HALF STARS: I’ll preface comments with: 1) No one got sick. 2) Most of the food was edible. 3) Portions are large and prices are low…but beyond that Greek Delights managed to undercook Saganaki, serve Falafel dripping with grease, deliver Hummus AFTER cooked items, charge $2 extra for Fries that were limp and cool to touch, forget Tzatziki twice and serve the soggiest Baklava ever witnessed while simultaneously being sold out of Loukoumades and Rice Pudding.

RECOMMENDED: Spanakopita.

AVOID: Baklava, Falafel, Fries.

TIP: Those who still wish to test their luck can find a discount on Groupon.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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