Tempesta Market, Chicago IL

Tempesta Market

Gelato Sample – N’duja Panna Cotto, Crema Pistachio

Sample – N’duja Crostini

N’duja Arancini with Fresh Mozzarella, Remoulade

Prosciutto and Pimento Cheese Biscuit

Sea Salt Caramel Gelato

“The World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie”

Told of Tempesta Market by a local Italian Chef it was quite surprising that someplace less than one quarter mile from the Airbnb had been overlooked, a pre-dinner stop before Oriole certainly not the ideal situation to taste a lot but enough to get a sense of the concept and generate plenty of reasons for a return visit in the future.

Owned by the father-son pair of Agostino and Antonio Fiasche, an opening date in late 2017 preceded by the duo’s N’duja already making waves throughout Chicago, it was shortly after 4:00pm that the space at 1372 West Grand Avenue was found quiet but picking up for Dinner, two young ladies plus Antonio going about routine tasks yet quickly offering warm smiles to each guest that entered.

Named for strong storms and thus playing up the city’s oft-used alias it was after a brief perusal of housemade and imported Meats that eyes turned toward a sample of the family’s Calabrian Sausage sold under “Nduja Artisans Salumeria,” a thick spread atop toasted Bread proving piquant but not overly spicy while Gelato infused with the same was far better than it sounds, though probably not something most would want a whole pint of solo.

Sad to realize that most of Tempesta’s Sandwiches seem formatted for a meal, prior comments about plans afterward taken into consideration, it was passing over the enormous Muffaletta wedge that a Prosciutto and Pimento Cheese Biscuit instead delighted, the Bread probably better warmed or earlier in the day but still buttery and well layered while three piping hot Aranicini set a high standard for Rice Balls everywhere thanks to levity surrounding an N’duja core and melted Mozzarella.

Not about to pass on housemade Gelato or bold proclamations of “The World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie” suffice it to say that the later may be a bit of hyperbole but not much thanks to crisp rim and barely set middle while two flavors of Gelato also tasted at Bonci were both far creamier and less sweet at Tempesta with a bonus of lower pricing.


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