Glaze Doughnuts [2,] Las Vegas NV

Glaze Doughnuts

Yeast Doughnut with Strawberry Glaze, Sprinkles

Blueberry Cake Doughnut

Old Fashioned Doughnut

Maple Bar

Islander Doughnut with Taro Glaze, Coconut

Cinnamon Glaze Twist

El Jefé Doughnut with Horchata Glaze, Churro

Lemon Filled Doughnut

Bar None Doughnut with Chocolate Wafers, Peanuts, Caramel

Red Velvet Cake Doughnut

Chocolate Cake Doughnut

Cherry Bomb Doughnut with Cream Cheese Frosting, Graham Cracker, Chocolate Glaze, Cherry Filling

Bavarian Cream Doughnut with Chocolate Glaze

Now approaching three years in business, a lone visit on opening day finding limited options that were reportedly due to a “rush,” it was on the positive words of a Strip Restaurant Sommelier that a return visit was planned to Glaze Doughnuts on Fort Apache Road, the decision to pre-order for work proving wise not only for time’s sake but because once again the early morning did not find much ready.

Family owned and operated from the start, Dominic Sang bringing family recipes from a Texas Doughnuttery to Sin City in October 2015, guests entering Glaze will notice little has since changed about the shop save for a banner announcing 3rd place in the 2017 Best of Las Vegas competition, the décor still fairly bland save for a clever fact sheet confirming what connoisseurs already knew about Canadians while service remains unhurried but pleasant.

Unchanged in terms of prices despite adding several new flavors, Yeast or Cake Classics just a dollar and maxing out at $2.25 for “Fancy” Doughnuts that range from Fritters to those with housemade Toppings, it was with $21.38 exchanged for a Baker’s Dozen that a still-warm box was transported two miles, two doctors presumably from the nearby hospital also stopping in early but limited to the mundane few options available in a half-full case.

Doing away with Social Media discounts or Cheaper-by-the-Dozen deals enticing diners elsewhere, the prices something that fans of Dunkin may not realize to be a deal assuredly such when compared to other ‘small batch’ shops across America, it was staring simple with Homer Simpson’s favorite Strawberry Glazed Ring attested to good frying times and fresh Oil while Blueberry Cake with a supple crumb and plenty of Fruit flavor also performed well.

Not particularly fond of Glaze’s Old Fashioned, a thin pour and wide hole making it all crisp while too much surface area covered in Sugar subdued any sourness, it was returning to the fluffy leavened base that a Maple Bar showed much better than Canada’s go-to from Tim Horton’s, the “Islander” up next dialing up texture by way of freshly toasted Coconut atop faintly purple Frosting.

Finding most of Glaze’s Icings more subtle than memory serves, the Cinnamon Twist in particular almost savory thanks to a hefty shake coating the top, those looking for another refined option would be well advised to phone in a request for El Jefé, the Caramel-filled Churro not quite as well incorporated as it is at Pink Box but the Rice Milk Glaze exceptional.

Passing up the Raspberry filling from visit one for Lemon, a mistake as the former tastes far less artificial, it was from another $2.25 fancy titled Bar None that great textures and flavor were found, the Snickers Bar no doubt an inspiration and a good one at that while the naked Red Velvet also offered with Cream Cheese Frosting was moist and Cakelike but not oily in the least.

Also tasting Chocolate Cake, the acrid linger of competitors nowhere to be found and the Cocoa nicely balanced by plain Glaze, it was with two additional filled selections that tasting concluded, the “Cherry Bomb” a good idea with lots of complexity that would be better if the filling weren’t so cloying while the Bavarian Cream is probably the best of its kind in Sin City and a steal for just $1.50.

FOUR STARS: Improved from prior but still inexplicably unready to do business an hour after opening one wonders if Glaze might be better with a bit more preparedness, because for those willing to invest the time and effort the product itself compares favorably to some of the Valley’s best.

RECOMMENDED: Bavarian Cream, Cinnamon Glaze Twist, El Jefé, Bar None, Red Velvet Cake.

AVOID: Lemon Filled, Old Fashioned.

TIP: Online Ordering is available but Monthly Specials, El Jefé and Bar None are not listed on the check-sheet so consider e-mailing to be sure.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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