Pink Box Doughnuts [6,] Las Vegas NV

Pink Box Doughnuts

Glazed Old Fashioned Doughnut

Maple Frosted Old Fashioned Doughnut

Vanilla Frosted Birthday Cake Doughnut

Raspberry Filled Sugar Doughnut

Apple Fritter

Lemon Custard Doughnut

Cinnamon Crumb Buttermilk Bar

Blueberry Glazed Cro-Dough

Chocolate Frosted Bavarian Cream Doughnut

Peanut Butter and Jelly Doughnut

Vanilla Frosted Caramel Cheesecake Doughnut

Pink Velvet Unicorn Cake Doughnut

Churro Bar

Triple Chocolate Poomoji Doughnut

Now a fixture around the office, two dozen showing up at least every other week despite the closest outlet being at least twenty minutes away, it was on Saturday morning that a bonus stop was made at Pink Box Doughnuts and although everything ordered had personally been tasted prior the fourteen fried treats still managed to wow two first timers from the Midwest while confirming a local’s belief that no Doughnut shop in the state compares.

At this point going on six years in the business and with no signs of slowing, expansion to northern California and a fourth Las Vegas location on Charleston Boulevard up next, it was just prior to 8am that the 24/7 shop on Lake Meade was found busy as ever, staff up front pleasant while Bakers in back worked fervently to keep up with customer demand including what seemed to be a substantial number of pre-orders.

Worth driving right past Glazed or Donut Mania for, the fully stocked shelves and textures that scream “made fresh” differentiating Pink Box from other novelty shops while only ACE Donuts compares for classics, it was starting off with two Old Fashioned cogwheels that technique and fresh oil were immediately on display beneath sweet Maple, the Birthday Cake requested by someone else seemingly improved from the past and now somehow even lighter than before.

Moving next to Fruit, the yeasty pocket packed with Raspberry Jam always a favorite and another with Lemon Custard far less artificial than that from Glazed just a few days prior, it was in between these that Pink Box’s Apple Fritter accomplished the rare feat of impressing two ladies who typically feel the item is too “greasy” while the Cro-Dough up next again trumped any in the area thanks to cleanly separated layers of lamination.

Never passing on a Pink Box Buttermilk Bar, the depth of penetration achieved by its Glaze attesting to timing and experience while Cinnamon Crumble only adds to the delicate texture, fans of Bavarians should not hesitate to sample owner Roberto Armanino’s version though those looking for something truly outstanding would do even better to pass on Cream or Pudding and go straight for a Doughnut packed with luxurious Cheesecake Filling.

Happy to see PB&J back in the case, Jam from the Raspberry Bismarck filling the cavity below a thick swirl, it seemed only right to round out the morning with three new-classics, the Unicorn really just a cute way to dress Pink Box’s tasty spin on Red Velvet while both the Churro Bar and Poomoji balance novelty with taste, the former admittedly too sweet for some but ideal for those who enjoy Cajeta or Dulce de Leche while the triple Chocolate round may seem ‘gross’ at first, though anyone with hang-ups about eating what is essentially a delicious and creamy cartoon probably has other issues for which they should seek help.

FIVE STARS: While other shops spend time celebrating their “celebrity” and firing founders or scrawling “SOLD OUT” on Windows even though there are Donuts still on shelves Pink Box Doughnuts simply keeps getting better and better with time, the classics now caught up to the novelties and that sort of commitment to quality not something which should be overlooked.

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TIP: Keep an eye on @pinkboxdoughnuts or @pinkboxdoughnutslv for Specials including news on the new location.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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