Shiraz Restaurant Catering, Las Vegas NV

Shiraz Restaurant Catering

Garden Salad – Red Onion, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Olives, Feta Cheese

Raita – Mildly Spiced Yogurt, Cucumbers, Onions, Tomatoes (no photo)

Basmati Rice

Butter Naan Bread

Keema Paratha – Ground Lamb

Tahdig – Persian Crispy Rice

Goat Biryani – Marinated Goat, Rice

Malai Chicken Tikka – Chicken, Cream, Cashew Paste, White Pepper, Spices

Chelo Kabob Koobideh – Ground Filet Mignon, Lamb, Spices

Fesenjan – Chicken, Sauce of Pomegranate Molasses and Ground Walnuts

Ghormeh Sabzi – Beef, Sautéed Herbs, Leeks, Beans, Parsley, Green Onions, Bitter Greens, Fenugreek

Gajar Ka Halwa – Shredded Carrots, Sweetened Cardamom Milk, Almonds

Gulab Jamun – Milk Dumpling, Cardamom Syrup

Introduced to Persian Cuisine at Shiraz just two weeks prior it was with good fortune that Raja Abdul Majid and Chef Jainine Jaffer were willing to cater #supportlocal lunch the day after their Grand Opening celebration, though anyone who thinks Mr. Majid might not do an outstanding job under any circumstance is clearly unaware of just how long he has been in the business and how many meals he has served in his Restaurants or even to big time events on The Strip.

Located a straight shot up South Decatur Boulevard in the old Habib’s space at 2575, a sizeable venue with great design and a kitchen specially certified for catering large events, it was five minutes prior to 11:30am that Raja and one co-worker stepped off the elevator with a large cart and several plastic wrapped Aluminum trays, professionalism second to none shortly seeing everything unwrapped with serviceware, divided plates and even quality napkins included.

Part self-selected and part left in Shiraz Restaurant’s hands, the total of $15 per diner times twenty-five yielding a sizeable spread of thirteen dishes ranging from simple Salad to Iranian or Indian delicacies, it was with the air heavily perfumed that attendees inquired about several unfamiliar items before making choices, the Naan and Yogurt deemed safe first and going more quickly than Keema Paratha stuffed with ground Lamb but the later also eventually catching on and highly praised for its texture and crispiness by more adventurous palates.

Spending a good portion of lunch discussing Food rather than the topic being presented, Kabobs off the skewer a big hit atop Basmati Rice though one guest from Wisconsin and another from the Heartland felt the modestly spiced Malai Chicken Tikka was “too hot,” it was with ground Filet Mignon gone before second shift even saw it that many got a taste of Goat, the Meat not as plentiful as in India Oven Masala’s version though the tenderness and aromatics were equally excellent.

Happy to see Chef Jaffer include plenty of Tahdig, several comparing the texture to a Tortilla Chip when asked what it was, it was only after a little coaxing that many were willing to dip a spoon into dark green Ghormeh Sabzi or the unfamiliar pool of Fesenjan, though after some had taken a chance the latter became an impetus for ‘seconds,’ even those who typically shy away from anything ‘new’ taking a taste and all impressed by how a Meat could simultaneously be sweet, savory and almost like a Dip or Spread.

Finishing sweet, Jainine’s Gulab Jamun soft and creamy with a lot of Cardamom helping to tame the sweetness, it should perhaps come as no surprise that with this particular group the idea of Carrot Pudding for Dessert was a hard sell, but from the mouths of two Indian physicians, one well traveled gentleman and several first timers the heterogeneous blend of Carrots, Milk and Nuts with plenty of Butter ranged from “delicious” to “the best I’ve tasted aside from my mother’s.”

N/A: Making it blog policy to not ‘rate’ places based on catering alone the professionalism of Shiraz’s program is everything one might hope for, Raja Abdul Majid experience clearly showing in everything from packaging to presentation while Chef Jainine Jaffer’s bold Cuisine and Staff’s acceptance of it has virtually guaranteed them a monthly spot in the #supportlocal lunch rotation.

RECOMMENDED: Butter Naan, Chelo Kabob Koobideh, Fesenjan, Ghormeh Sabzi, Tahdig, Gulab Jamun, Gajar Ka Halwa.

AVOID: Goat Biryani could have used a little more Meat or at least less Rice.

TIP: Contact Shiraz via online form, Telephone (702) 870-0860 or Email for Catering inquires or checkout to do it on your own.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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