Creamistry, Las Vegas NV


Strawberry Water

Organic Quantum Coffee Creation – Milk Coffee Ice Cream, Heath Bar, Almonds, Caramel, Whipped Cream

Premium Ice Cream Sandwich – Caramel Ice Cream, Cap’n Crunch Cookie, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cookie

Chocolate Bowl – Taro Vegan Coconut Milk Ice Cream, Sprinkles, Strawberries

Originally founded in 2013 by Jay Yim who first witnessed liquid nitrogen Ice Cream nearly a decade prior in South Korea it was in early August that Creamistry finally opened in Las Vegas, the franchise that has been growing out of Irvine California since 2014 now totaling over sixty stores including one in China with exponential expansion planned over the next several years.

Unsurprisingly selecting the rapidly growing Southwest to set up shop, a storefront at 7325 South Rainbow Boulevard joining imports such as Metro Diner as well as locally developed ideas such as Jinju Chocolates, The Goodwich and Fuku Burger in close proximity, guests entering Creamistry will no doubt first notice its simple layout, bright whites and polished surfaces, an Instagram-friendly look popular with many new eateries that here seems even more fitting than most as most diner’s eyes will be focused on the action at the counter anyway.

Using basic chemistry plus a bit of showmanship to sell the concept, each customer choosing their portion size, then an ice cream base plus one of nearly thirty flavors plus toppings and a la carte additions, it was after a bit of indecision that an order was concocted, three different bases selected for three entirely different experiences ranging $6.45 to $10.50.

Always made-to-order, even the Brownies and Waffle Bowls baked on-site to assure freshness, it is immediately upon ordering and settling the bill that patrons are asked to step left and watch their order be produced, a billow of smoke emitted as -321°F meets base to produce a texture that is homogenously smooth throughout, the signature “Premium” base particularly noteworthy as a result of its ability to coat the tongue and slowly dissipate while the Vegan Coconut possesses more viscosity, almost like that of a toasted Marshmallow.

Focusing next on flavor, the mellow sweetness of Taro unfortunately compromised by an unmistakable undertone of Coconut while $2 extra for a thin Chocolate Shell seems excessive, it was instead turning attention to lightly salted Caramel that provided a good idea of what Creamistry is capable of, the Rice Krispie Treat-style Cookies both sweet and highly enjoyable with additional flavors including Fruity Pebbles available while a “Creation” called Quantum Coffee is an Ice Cream Parfait any Java lover can get behind thanks to sharp bitterness that finds its foil in crumbled Heath Bar, Whipped Cream and Caramel.

FOUR STARS: Although prices average a bit higher than the best local gelato shops and several-fold more than Thrifty or Fro-yo there is a substantial increase in quality to be found at Creamistry, the fact that dining comes with a “show” largely just a hook while the real draw is in how the Ice Cream feels and tastes.

RECOMMENDED: Premium Base, Quantum Coffee Creation, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cookie, Caramel Ice Cream.

AVOID: Chocolate Bowl, Vegan Coconut Milk Ice Cream.

TIP: Noon to 10pm daily.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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