The Bachelor Farmer Café, Minneapolis MN

The Bachelor Farmer Café

Corn Muffin with White Cheddar, Friesago, Cream Cheese

Chocolate Croissant

Sticky Bun

Sourdough Old Fashioned Donut

Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Chocolate Chip Cookie with Toffee, Fleur de Sel

With only limited time in Minneapolis it was after many tough cuts that The Bachelor Farmer was moved from Dinner to Breakfast, a visit to the Café shortly after opening finding several “work from home” sorts sipping Coffee behind their laptops while a bounty of Baked Good beckoned from behind glass on the countertop.

Owned and operated by Eric and Andrew Dayton, an atypical path leading each to a career in the Restaurant industry where their small space at 200 North 1st Street has thrived mere steps from Gavin Kaysen’s landmark Spoon and Stable, it is immediately on entry that guests are greeted by a hand-written daily list, everything both sweet and savory prone to season and on this day clearly telling of impending Autumn.

Told by trusted friends that if either Bostock or Chocolate Croissants were available they should be ordered, an absence of the former but several equally tempting choices leading to a six-piece ensemble, it was with $25 exchanged that box and plates were taken to a narrow bar, the fact that the Corn Muffin and Croissant were each still warm making them tastes 1a and 1b with the Cornbread soft and crumbly around pockets of Cheese while the Croissant lived up to its billing thanks to shattering shell and a thick core that did not compromise honeycombing lamination.

Moving onward to a Sticky Bun that would have fared better warm, though the eggy Brioche baked golden certainly was not bad, it was finally at The Bachelor Farmer that a respectable Old Fashioned Donut was found in The Twin Cities, a subtle hint of sourness permeating soft Cake with just the right amount of Glaze added at the right time to let it soak in just a bit.

Rounding out the morning with a Cookie and classic Coffee Cake beneath Cinnamon Streusel, a substantial amount of good Butter no doubt used in each, suffice it to say that in an era where “salted” or “salty” sweets are en vogue the combination of Chocolate Chips, Toffee and Fleur de Sel is another item that should be added to the “must order” list as it progresses from crisp edge to soft center with no two bites exactly the same but all of them equally great.

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