Kramarczuk’s Sausage Company, Minneapolis MN

Kramarczuk’s Sausage Company

Smoked Ukranian Pork Sausage, Potato Pierogi, Beef Pierogi, Onions, Sour Cream


In an era charged with bipartisan politics and discussion of what it actually means to be American there still remain several Restaurants that define a time when “the American Dream” was less divisive, and on Monday before dinner elsewhere Kramarczuk’s Sausage Company proved to be precisely one of those places built on the time and talents of immigrants who came to call this country home.

Founded by Wasyl Kramarczuk in 1954 and a Minnesota icon ever since, the former Deli and Bakery later adding seating and earning a prestigious James Beard Foundation America’s Classic award in 2013, it is inside a sizable building located on East Hennepin Avenue that guests will find a space offering images of the United States alongside Ukrainian ornaments while being tempted by everything from Cabbage Rolls and Sausage to Loaves of Bread and Pastries.

Focused on Eastern European classics made without shortcuts, the recipes created by Wasyl and wife Anna still used with local ingredients incorporated whenever possible, it was after a lengthy perusal of items offered from the Deli that the dining room was entered and whether Caucasian, Hispanic or otherwise servers were all friendly and well informed with smiles on their faces.

No doubt a place that would require several visits to formulate a comprehensive opinion, the sheer volume of scratch-made items clearly indicative of a labor-intense operation, it was after some debate and gauging of hunger that decisions were made, deference to a young man at the counter proving worthwhile in each and every bite.

Sad to set aside Cabbage Rolls and several sweets, the former deemed too filling while “what’s the most unique?” determined one of the latter, it was after paying and taking a seat that plates were delivered, the Sausage requested without its Roll immediately impressive as snappy casing gave way to smoked Pork riddled with rendered Fat and plenty of seasoning.

Focusing next on Dumplings, $1.50 for each handmade Pierogi an undeniable bargain considering both size and quality of Filling, it was no surprise that a blend of Beef and Pork bested Potatoes and Onions even though both were beautifully pan-seared, and as it turns out the young man who was neither Ukrainian nor “White” turned out to be precisely correct in his Dessert suggestion as Ukrainian Cheesecake called Syrnyk was springy and smooth as it melted across the palate without being too sweet.

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