Fergie’s Fish ‘n Chips, Winnipeg MB

Fergie’s Fish ‘n Chips & Seafood Market

Fried Pickerel, Fried Cod, Lemon, Tartar Sauce, Ketchup, Malt Vinegar

Poutine – Hand Cut Fries, Shredded Cheese Curds, Brown Gravy

Arriving in Winnipeg just past 4pm, the drive from Minneapolis shorter than expected even when accounting for a stop in Fargo, it was immediately to The Forks Market that a path was made, an unanticipated political debate leaving limited paid parking though security was fairly lax and all businesses remained open.

Considered one of Manitoba’s few must-visit attractions, its location at the junction of Red and Assiniboine Rivers relevant to the city’s development while the Food Hall now inhabiting the space sees some five million visitors annually, it was after perusing Coffee, Pastries and several ethnic eateries that Fergie’s Fish and Chips was found, the space serving locally caught Fish since 2004 not particularly busy and the two men working just as pleasant as can be.

Expectedly limited in scope, Winnipeg’s take on the British tradition additionally offering specialties such as Soup, Fish Curry and Deep-fried Desserts, it was after gauging hunger and portions that the decision was made to stick with classics, both Walleye and Cod breaded and fried to order with a crisp and oilless bite that went nicely with both house Tatar Sauce and more traditional Malt Vinegar.

Not especially Canadian without Poutine, the twice-fried hand-cut Fries also available naked or with Fish Curry and Cheese, suffice it to say that using shredded instead of whole Curds was a unique choice that offered more melt but less textural juxtaposition and although preference still leans toward chunks of Cheese the Gravy was simple, rich and precisely as it should be.


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