Jonnie’s Sticky Buns, Winnipeg MB

Jonnie’s Sticky Buns

Caramel Sticky Bun

Carrot Ginger Sticky Bun, Cream Cheese Icing

Into the Woods Sticky Bun with Apple, Blueberry, Toasted Sunflower Seeds, Hemp Hearts

One need not look too closely in order to realize Northerners are obsessed with Sticky Buns, an associate from North Dakota repeatedly claiming his “Ma’s are the best,” and having already tasted celebrated versions from The Buttered Tin as well as Isles Bun & Coffee it was during a cold and rainy morning while in Winnipeg that Jonnie’s Sticky Buns outperformed them both.

Still sort of a hidden gem despite feeding the people of Winnipeg for nearly a decade, the small Bakery and Restaurant at 941 Portage Avenue additionally providing their Classic to several local businesses, it was easily allocating parking behind the store at 8:00am that cozy confines were found, just one sever and two patrons busily chatting about the news but pausing briefly to answer questions and make a sale.

Taking the still-warm bag just two kilometers away to enjoy, Jonnie’s limited seating and inclement weather eliminating the possibility of immediate indulgence, it was with the Car perfumed by Cinnamon that expectations inched upward, a first taste of tangy Cream Cheese Icing atop a golden swirl containing Carrots and Ginger as delicious as it was fragrant while the “Classic” offered for just $2.75 Canadian outperformed smaller Buns sold in Minnesota (for twice as much) thanks to plenty of sticky Caramel.

Saving halves of each for later, Microwave rewarming not compromising taste in any way though Toppings obviously became runny, it was finally as Dessert after Breakfast that “Into the Woods” had its opportunity to impress, and boy did it ever thanks to the heterogeneity of Fruits and Seeds plus plenty of Butter but restrained sweetness.

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