Sun Street Breads, Minneapolis MN

Sun Street Breads

Sweet Potato & Chevre Bundle

Bacon, Corn & Cheddar Biscuit

Downtowner with Cinnamon, Sugar, Cardamom, Cloves

Blackberry Kolacky

Raspberry Cream Scone

Crusher Croissant with Valrhona Chocolate, Almond Butter, Pretzel Finish

Located not far from Patisserie 46 it was at Sun Street Breads that Saturday Breakfast began, the first of three stops finding Chef Solveig Tofte and her team serving a full house just as they have been since opening in 2011.

Designed as a European Bakery focused first on technique, Chef Tofte a one time competitor in Paris’ Coupe du Monde before returning to Minneapolis where her Baguettes and Loaves quickly sold out at Kingfield Farmers Market, 2018 now sees Sun Street serving as a full-service Restaurant for Breakfast and Lunch from Tuesday through Sunday.

Set up for counter-style ordering with what would appear to be plenty of seating, menus near the door and on walls allowing most to compose an order while waiting in line, it was finally reaching the front that plans for Pancakes were terminated in favor of six Pastries, the total cost just over $20 a veritable bargain for tastes starting out with a Viennoiserie densely packed in Green Onions, Sweet Potatoes and Goat Cheese.

Continuing savory with a still-warm Biscuit, several layers of Buttermilk and Flour riddled with Sweet Corn and Bacon plus pockets of Cheese, it is in tribute to Healdsburg Creamery that Sun Street offers The Downtowner, a laminated spiral rising high in the middle where it is gooey with Butter and spices while the exterior is generously covered in Granulated Sugar

Frankly impressed by the variety offered from such a small display, the enriched Dough of an Eastern European Kolach next spilling fresh Blackberries and Cream Cheese, suffice it to say that no Clotted Cream or Preserves are necessary to enjoy Tofte’s Raspberry Cream Scone as both are already incorporated into the buttery base while an item dubbed “Crusher Croissant” skips overly-sweet Frangipane in favor of housemade Almond Butter and inserts two cores of Chocolate at the center of shattering Dough flecked by Salt.

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