Gama Bakery & Cakes [2,] Las Vegas NV

Gama Bakery & Cakes


Pork Red Salsa Tamale

Sweet Corn Tamale

Chicken Green Salsa Tamale

Cheese and Jalapeno Tamale

Pan de Muerto

Rollo De Coco con Queso Crema

Concha Bordeado

Pan de Arándanos con Queso Crema


Nino Envuelto de Raspberry y Coco

Polvorone con Azucar

Tres Leches Fruta

Pan Dulce con Azucar


Cuernito con Crema y Azucar

Besos de Frambuesa y Coco


Pudín de Pan

Never really gathering much steam out the gate, a strategy of #influencer tagging clearly only beneficial to businesses willing to pay one of them to run social media and invite all their pals, it was for dinner on Thursday that an order was placed at Gama Bakery & Cakes and much like the first time most items received set a high standard for Las Vegas.

Celebrating six months since opening at 4750 West Sahara Avenue Suite 27, a visit on Cinco de Mayo previously finding the place not yet up to speed but already offering Sin City’s best Concha, it was in celebration of Dia de los Muertos that Gama was found offering full Loaves of Pan de Muerto, the added bonus of giving them away free with any dozen Pan Dulce an added bonus for those visiting on either November first or second.

Apparently losing their website since opening, Instagram also slowing substantially after a protracted opening, it was first from four $1.99 Tamales that tastes were taken, the Masa questionably handmade but of a good consistency particularly in the case of shredded Pork and vibrant Red Sauce plus the traditional Sweet Corn selection though the Chicken unfortunately came out both overwhelmed by Salsa and exceedingly dry.

Moving next to sweeter selections, a mere $8.50 yielding twelve Pan Dulce selected by staff, highlights once again included the Concha this time surrounded by an un-sugared rim and Nino Envuelto while Blueberry-Cream Cheese Bread also emerged as a new favorite, though unfortunately no lessons seem to have been learned as relates to the Besos with a texture that seems at least two days old in comparison to the marvelous one tasted at Lulu’s Bakery just last week.

Happy to see both a Coconut-Cream Cheese Pastry and dense Bread Pudding also well-worth ordering, though Gama’s $4.50 Tres Leches is severely compromised by too much Fruit and granular Buttercream Frosting a la Smith’s or Albertson’s, it was finally at the end that fluffy Pan de Muerto was split by hand and tasted, the fragrance of Anise and Citrus prominent but not overwhelming amidst a fluffy crumb that is sweet enough to be classified as Pan Dulce but at the same time restrained enough to also serve as a table Bread with Dinner.

THREE STARS: Priced competitively to La Bonita and most of the Valley’s Panaderia Gama Bakery & Cakes continues to show well with raised Breads while Tamales are also good quality, though the fact that the place is mostly hidden from view and still serving some exceedingly mediocre items makes one wonder just how long they’ll last considering the slim margins and sizable space.

RECOMMENDED: Pork Red Salsa Tamale, Sweet Corn Tamale, Pan de Muerto, Concha Bordeado, Rollo De Coco con Queso Crema, Pudín de Pan.

AVOID: Besos de Frambuesa y Coco, Tres Leches Fruta, Chicken Green Salsa Tamale.

TIP: TIP: 05:30a-07:00p Weekdays, 07:00a-07:00p Saturday, 07:00a-04:00p Sunday. @gamabakerycakes on Instagram. Delivery available by Grubhub.

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