Bowlology (South Hualapai,) Las Vegas NV

Bowlology South Hualapai

Hula Super Bowl – Acai, Peaches, Pineapple, Mango, Banana, Vanilla Almond Mylk, Strawberry, Coconut, Granola, Honey

Berry Good Super Bowl – Acai, Strawberry, Banana, Apple Juice, Blueberry, Honey, Granola

PB Lover Super Bowl – Acai, Strawberry, Banana, Bee Pollen, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Almond Mylk, Almonds, Dark Chocolate Chips, Granola, Honey

As many may find the idea of “Superfoods,” Juice Cleanses and Alkaline Water appealing, the fact that at least two have absolutely no merit besides the point, it was after hearing rave reviews about Bowlology that a stop was made at the South Hualapai location and although the idea is harmless the prices and quality leave much to be desired.

Born out of Southern California and following the eastern migration, a total of nine locations with five in Sin City, Bowlology defines itself as “the science and art of handcrafting healthy and delicious Meals served in a bowl” and staffed by friendly youngsters who surely have at least a Masters in overselling the benefits of Acai most “Super Bowls” begin with a blend of the ingredient plus other Fruits and Juices served beneath toppings.

Additionally offering Poke, Smoothies and Squeezed Juices, the Cold-Press phenomenon apparently not yet part of Bowlology’s Art or Science as they instead sell bottles from Juice Street, it was after perusing some packaged goods and a cleanly space that an order was placed, three Bowls tallying a total of nearly thirty dollars with each made to order in approximately ten minutes.

Opting to partake elsewhere, though fans seem to enjoy lingering with free Wi-Fi and ample electrical outlets, it was first that a spoonful of “Hula” was tasted, the astringent sourness quickly puckering lips but fast to mellow thanks to Almond Milk and shredded Coconut while the “Berry Good” unfortunately lacked anything creamy and actually opted to double down with Apple Juice that made the “Bowl” more drinkable than edible and not particularly “good” at all.

Setting aside more than half of the first two, $10+ lost dollars not particularly pleasant, it was hoping that the dessert-y description of “PB Lover” would help justify the visit and thankfully it did, the fact that Acai was masked by Mylk, Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate and Almonds a big part of the reason though the thicker texture like that of Oatmeal also helped.

TWO STARS: No stranger to the literature or cost of Acai, but nonetheless skeptical about how both are promoted by Bowlology, the chain seemingly serves best as a go-to for those disinterested in whole Fruits and Vegetables though for those counting calories it may also work as a meal replacement or even Dessert in the case of PB Lover.

RECOMMENDED: PB Lover Super Bowl

AVOID: Berry Good Super Bowl

TIP: Bowlology offers loyalty cards and daily specials for those looking to save a few bucks.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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2 Responses to Bowlology (South Hualapai,) Las Vegas NV

  1. You sounded duly unimpressed and by the pictures of what your received, rightly so. Acai bowls IMHO are typically high in calories, sugar, and expensive for what is a garnished bowl of yogurt.

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