Patisserie Tomoko, New York NY

Patisserie Tomoko

Cold Brew Coffee

Salty Caramel Nut Tart, Fresh Whipped Cream

Berry Mille Crepe Cake

Black Sesame Dacquoise

Pumpkin Cheesecake, Fresh Whipped Cream, Chai Ice Cream

Sweet Potato Apple Cake, Maple Almond Ice Cream

Yuzu Dacquoise, Green Tea Cookie, Walnut Crunch, Lavender Mint Cookie

Opened late-2013 in Williamsburg, and undoubtedly benefited by overflowing lines at Missy Robbins’ Lilia, it was prior to dinner that a stop was made at Patisserie Tomoko, Chef Tomoko Kato found hard at work replenishing a case depleted by the holiday rush while a man and woman acting as manager and baker took care of a Restaurant full of customers.

Small in size but sizable in aspirations, Chef Kato’s time at Le Bernadin and Bouley creating the desire to open a shop of her own, it was around 7:30pm that three guests entered 568 Union Avenue, a warm welcome followed by seats at the left-end of a rounded bar with a full view of the action.

Specializing in Japanese-influenced French Pastry, the choice to order a la carte, Prix Fixe or to-go allowing guests to customize their experience alongside Wine or Coffee, it is worth noting that Patisserie Tomoko is most certainly not a Boba or Bubble Tea shop, the experience instead subtle and nuanced both in terms of the Cuisine and music playing softly overhead.

Prone to frequent menu changes, seasonality clearly one focus, it was with intense Cold Brew Coffee that tasting began with items from the case, a “Salty Caramel Nut Tart” topped before serving in housemade Whipped Cream that helped mellow its sweetness while neither the carefully-stacked Berry Mille Crepe nor Black Sesame Dacquoise Cookie required such since each was extremely delicate with the latter in particular standing out as a result of exterior layers nearly as light as Meringue.

Moving next to one shared three-course Prix Fixe, a sliver of Pumpkin Cheesecake marrying its spice profile nicely to Chai Ice Cream as an “amuse,” further love of Winter followed by way of deconstructed Sweet Potato Apple Cake, the texture essentially that of Bread Pudding with Fruit and Bread suspended in Custard and presented warm beneath a melting ball of Maple Almond Ice Cream.

Finishing with Mignardises, half of another Dacquioise featuring Yuzu again beautiful and light, it was leaving Lavender and Mint to others that Patisserie Tomoko finished up with a buttery Green Tea Cookie, the Matcha largely unsweetened but nonetheless held in check by buttery Shortbread.

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