Julians, Providence RI


French Roast Coffee

Coffee Milk

Nutella Hot Chocolate with Homemade Marshmallows

Special French Toast – Bananas, Granola, Nutella, Pure Maple Syrup

Winifred Sanderson Vegan Pancakes – Coffee Cakes, Chocolate Crumbles, Vegan Banana Whipped Cream, Pure Maple Syrup

Fried Chicken & Waffles – Dijon Maple Syrup, Scallions, Chili Powder

Steakhouse Sweet Potato Fries

Apparently not a popular tourist destination, nearly every independently-owned Restaurant in Providence taking December 26th off, it was at Julians that five guests sat down to Breakfast, a 9:00am arrival assuring one of perhaps two-dozen tables that remain hot tickets even as the space approaches twenty-five years serving the area.

Founded by Julian Forgue in 1994 and well-known for both Beer and Bean Burgers, the former coming from twenty Taps while the other has spawned a substantial Vegan menu and following, it was with no dietary restrictions that diners perused options ranging Salads to Pancakes while a list of specials also looked tempting.

Dining with a well-behaved infant, the tatted female server clearly aware but apparently too busy to provide a highchair in plain sight, it was after orders were placed that the seat was procured by mother, nothing about the service improving henceforth even as relates to forgotten Fries since Julians seems to embrace hipster nonchalance as a paradigm.

Decorated in random knickknacks, Pez dispensers in the Restroom and Homer Simpson at the bar, it was after a short wait that Beverages were poured, the Beans a bold local roast whether by drip or served as Providence’s famous “Coffee Milk” while a $5 Mug of Nutella Hot Chocolate is probably best saved for those who like things cloyingly sweet.

Not waiting long for food, the team at 318 Broadway having mastered the art of “turn & burn,” it was immediately on delivery that haphazard technique took center stage, first bites of Daily Special French Toast finding Bread poorly penetrated by Custard and the Bananas under-ripened though the Granola, Syrup and Nutella helped at least make the majority of bites enjoyable.

Moving next to “Winifred Sanderson” Pancakes, a Vegan plate that looked as though it was assembled by a child, suffice it to say that it was more the lack of leavening than Butter or Milk that made each of three discs far too dense, a follow-up of Chicken & Waffles good for the Bird while the Waffles themselves were so flaccid and flavorless that even a one-year-old refused and instead focused on the late-arriving Sweet Potato wedges.


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