Hazel Fresh Crepes & Frozen Custard, Las Vegas NV

Hazel Fresh Crepes & Frozen Custard

Eurocrem Crepe

Ferrero Caramel Hazelnut Vanilla Custard

Marshmallow Coconut Vanilla-Chocolate Swirl Custard

Cherry Cheesecake Vanilla Custard

Noticed early April when passing by, though apparently in business since February, it was thanks to its proximity to The Black Sheep that Hazel Fresh Crepes & Frozen Custard was visited on Sunday, a former Dee’s Donuts at the corner of Durango and Warm Springs finally reoccupied and selling Treats that thus far seem well received based on word of mouth.

Family owned and operated, a mother and daughter plus one older employee taking turns waiting on guests who’d managed to locate the small store next to Roberto’s Taco Shop, it was while a Will Ferrell film played on television that decisions were made, Crepes for $8.50 and Custard with unlimited Toppings for $4.99 or one dollar extra to make it large.

Not to be mistaken for artisan, though neither might be Nielsen’s or Luv-It depending on one’s definition, it is on overhead displays that concoctions dreamed up by staff are presented, bases of Vanilla, Chocolate or Swirl each featuring good consistency without any air, but a bit of egginess detectable in the former.

Offering both American and imported toppings, Italian Ferrero Rocher both inspiring and anchoring a mix of Caramel and Hazelnuts, it was wishing that a better quality Chocolate Syrup were used that “Marshmallow Coconut” was set aside in favor of Cherry Cheesecake that doubles down on texture with Fruit, Cake cubes and Nuts.

Receiving the Crepe just a few moments prior, the price justified by an oversized stone completely covered and carefully attended, it was after getting over the use of Reddi-Wip that bites were taken of a soft Pancake rolled around Eurocrem, a Serbian spin on Nutella that divides Hazelnut and Chocolate but here sees them blended, smooth and not nearly as sweet as one might expect.

THREE AND A HALF STARS: Taking over the long-abandoned Dee’s Donuts at the corner of Durango and Warm Springs, Hazel is a pleasant family owned spot making oversized Crepes and serving Custard at a good price. Though not as unique as CJ’s or cheap like Sonic, if ownership can get the word out they should do well.

RECOMMENDED: Eurocrem Crepe, Ferrero Caramel Hazelnut Custard.

AVOID: Marshmallow Coconut Custard

TIP: Apparently currently offering 50% via Groupon+.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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