Zum Eichkatzerl, Frankfurt DE

Zum Eichkatzerl


Sachsenhauser Tapas – Pork Sausage, Pork Rib, Homemade Cheese Cream, Green Sauce, Marinated Hard Cheese, Brown Bread, Butter

Pork Schnitzel – Fried Potatoes, Salad

Molten Chocolate Cake – Vanilla Ice Cream, Crème Anglaise, Chocolate Sauce, Ground Walnuts

Found in the Sachsenhausen area of Frankfurt, not far from the river, Zum Eichkatzerl has achieved modest acclaim as an Apfelweinbar, but as dinner on Sunday proved the kitchen is quite capable of turning out good versions of classic Hessen Cuisine at fair prices.

Open for dinner nightly, weekends beginning at 16h00 and the rest an hour later, it is once past an interior garden that guests find a heavily wooded interior decorated by squirrels and communal tables, just one elderly gentleman who “comes almost every day” inside, chatting quietly with the bartender.

Bilingual to an extent, though just two servers in addition to the bar man serving at least seventy guests did not allow much time to chat, it was from a menu provided in English that decisions were made, a €2 glass of house Apfelwein sweet with a bit of minerality that was refreshing in a room with temperatures hovering around 26 °C.

Popular with locals, a table of lager-heads next to another full of Asians enjoying Pork Knuckle, it was after being informed that the kitchen was “out” of Spatzle that Appetizers arrived, the cleverly-named “Sachsenhauser Tapas” offering six selections including Pork Sausage and boiled Rib plus Homemade Cheese Cream, Green Sauce and Hard Cheese marinated with Onions that went particularly well with slices of Brown Bread.

Opting for Butter-fried Fried Potatoes as an alternative to Noodles, these and a Salad topped in Corn serviceable but not noteworthy, it was nearly an hour after sitting down that a “small” order of Pork Schnitzel arrived slightly overcooked, browned edges a bit tough though the center was good both on its own and with a squeeze of Lemon.

Not offering Apple Strudel or any other German specialties as Dessert, the “fresh baked” Chocolate Cake thus decided upon to finish, it was after fifteen minutes that a round of Lava Cake was delivered, a molten center admittedly unexpected based on menu verbiage but both texture and flavor good, as was the thick Crème Anglaise.


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