Confiserie Graff, Frankfurt DE

Confiserie Graff


Butter-Sandkuchen mit Apfein-Mandeln

Mandel-Marzipan Croissant

Apfel Danisch Buttergeback


Rodeiheimer Kranz

Located on the west side of the city, and operating through two World Wars, Confiserie Graff focuses on recipes and techniques dating back nearly 200 years in a cozy setting that tourists will rarely see.

Originally opened in 1832 and family owned since, accolades lining their walls predating both patrons as well as staff, it is immediately on entry that guests are surrounded on three sides by shelves and racks lined in sweets, some pre-packaged but the majority made that morning by Bakers who arrive around 03h00.

German language and cash only, a situation common to Bakeries outside major tourist areas, it is only after navigating at least four-dozen choices that first-time guests should begin making choices, Cheesecake strongly recommended by the clerk proving thick and not over-sweetened while a slice of Bee Sting Cake upgraded by Apples maintained its familiar consistency thanks to Almonds on top plus buttery Crust along the bottom.

Joined by four businessmen in the tiny dining area, all sipping Espresso alongside a Croissant, it was as they chatted that attention turned to similar Pastry with Almonds and Marzipan, the lamination somewhat lacking though flavor was good while an Apple Danish to follow fared similarly but much sweeter thanks to a generous drizzle of Icing.

Attempting to save the best for last, a sphere labeled “Rodeiheimer Kranz” eating much like Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte minus Chocolate, it was for lack of Apple Strudel that a Lattice filled with Raspberries was selected, each bite dense with macerated Fruit complete with Seeds plus plenty of Butter.

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