Iimori Patisserie, Frankfurt DE

Iimori Patisserie

Melon Pan

Pan An

Almond Croissant

Matcha Sugar Donut

Mont Blanc Roll Cake

Part Patisserie plus a Restaurant upstairs, it is at Braubachstrasse 24 that guests will find Iimori, and with elements of France as well as Japan incorporated into the space’s design the difference from Frankfurt’s otherwise Viennese and Hessen baking traditions is noteworthy.

Located in the touristy part of town, Altstadt’s diversity of Churches within walking distance, Iimori opens its doors at 09h00 on weekdays and an hour later on weekends, the sub-10€ Breakfast Buffet proving popular amongst a largely Asian clientele while Pastries, Cakes and Coffee at the counter are additionally offered for dine-in or takeaway.

Laid out like a living room, plush chairs and low tables offering a comfortable place to relax with free Wi-Fi, patrons opting to dine-in will find a multi-lingual staff ready to offer both recommendations and table service, first bites of a bright pink “Melon Pan” reminiscent of Mexican Concha with better rise while traditional Pan An featured stretchy Egg-bread filled liberally with mashed Red Beans.

Less impressed by Iimori’s Almond Croissant, a lateral cut filled with overly-sweet Frangipane compromising both taste and texture, it was surprising that a Donut sprinkled by Matcha-infused Sugar proved the meal’s very best bite thanks to a soft and elastic Crumb while the Mont Blanc Cake Roll was moist and enjoyable despite the dearth of Chestnut flavor.


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