Konditorei & Confiserie Jamin, Frankfurt DE

Konditorei & Confiserie Jamin


Sacher Torte

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

Known in Germany for a collection of cookbooks, it is inside Schweizer Strasse 54a that guests can find the work of Chef Cathérine Jamin, her eponymous Pastry Shop in Sachsenhausen offering a variety of Cakes and Candies that set a high standard for taste as well as presentation.

In fact a fourth generation Baker, great-grandfather Georg having originally opened shop in 1907 before moving to the current location, those interested in Konditorei & Confiserie Jamin’s goods will find the Café open Monday through Saturday from 10h00, a lack of Breads or Viennoiserie placing them in a different category than nearby competition including the likes of Huck and Eifler.

Long and narrow in terms of size, Pralines plus packaged Confections up front and Cakes lining a case in back, it is largely on German tradition that Cathérine’s current collection is focused, 3-5€ each first yielding a dense slice of Spice Cake punctuated by Sour Cherries that serves equally good as Dessert as it would for Breakfast alongside a cup of Coffee.

Allowing next for Austrian influence, genrous wedges of Sacher Torte for just 4.10€ dazzling with reflective Milk Chocolate Ganache and Apricot Jam brightening a Dark Chocolate Sponge, it seemed only right to finish with Jamin’s take on Black Forest Cake, the individual rounds decorated in Cocoa shavings potentially Frankfurt’s best rendition thanks to boozy Fruit that celebrates the Kirsch part of Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte.


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