L’Art Sucré, Frankfurt DE

L’Art Sucré

Bethmännchen mit Nüsse und Feigen


Tart Tatin

Although a location on densely-packed Grosse Bockenheimer Stasse all but guarantees L’Art Sucré an enviable amount of foot traffic the Bakery itself makes no promises of quality thanks to staff who, in perfect English, are willing to state “I’m not here to please anyone” when seating is requested to enjoy a few Pastries nearly an hour prior to closing.

Owned by Florian and Sandra Koller, a focus on traditional French Chocolates, Tarts and Cookies setting their Patisserie apart from other spots in Frankfurt, it was expectedly finding options somewhat picked over that two guests entered at 18h10, posted hours from 10h00 to 19h00 duly noted but staff rudely refusing two chairs upstairs before abruptly continuing “and we’re cash only.”

Admittedly put off by such attitude, the young man with tan skin unapologetically adding a comment about how Espresso machines had already been turned off even though no one had asked for Coffee, it was nonetheless for the sake of having taken the time to visit that Dessert was taken to standing-tables nearby, a one-bite Cookie featuring Figs and Nuts quite good while L’Art Sucré’s Pithivier had clearly suffered from a day on the counter with all but the very top layer lacking in terms of crispness.

Never passing on Tart Tatin, the last one available also L’Art Sucré’s final sale of the day as no other patrons entered prior to closing, the Pie leaves no doubt of the Koller’s talents as everything from Cream to Crust was beautiful, and had the clerk not been so rude there’s a good chance another visit would have been made later in the week to taste additional items.


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