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Bäckerei Hanss



Bierenstich Herz

Sachsenhauser Apfelchen



Embracing the motto “Quality is an effort which is worthwhile” for over 80 years, Bäckerei Hanss at Brückenstrasse 56 in Frankfurt continues to impress locals and visitors today with time-honored recipes and photogenic presentations.

Part of Sachsenhausen-Nord, some separation from the competition along Schweizer Strasse allowing the kitchen at Hanss freedom to be creative and charge a bit less, it is beginning at 06h00 Monday through Saturday that shelves can be found fully stocked with Breads, Cakes and Confections, a tourist’s lack of fluency in German easily overcome by pointing at that which looks best since not a single bite was lacking in any way.

Not a place for those lacking will-power or on a diet, the smell of Butter and Yeast lingering several meters outside Bäckerei Hanss’ door, it was beginning with a coil labeled Franzbrötchen that Cinnamon immediately made its presence known, the follow-up of Marmorkuchen further impressing thanks to Cocoa and Vanilla suspended in a moist crumb straight from a Gugelhopf pan.

Built on tradition, but unafraid to gussy up rustic ideas, Bierenstich Herz takes Beesting Cake towards #instagram with its heart shape while retaining the Honey, Nuts and Cream, Sachsenhauser Apfelchen doing similar for Apple Streudel, though if one really wanted to nit-pick there is probably a bit too much flaky Pastry and not enough Fruit, thus making it more of a Danish.

Happy to also see a few items enjoyed elsewhere, the historic Bäckerei’s Mohnschnecke loaded with Poppy Seed Paste and sweetened by buttery Streusel, Rhabarberkuchen adds Strawberries to the mix with enough restraint to still let sour reign while the Crust itself cuts clean and remains crispy beneath a layer of Custard.


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