Café Steigleiter, Saarbrücken DE

Café Steigleiter




Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte


Although Saarbrücken is the capital of its respective German state the city appears largely industrial to passers-by, a fact that belies the presence of a Michelin 3* Restaurant from Klaus Erfort plus several nearby bakeries including Café Steigleiter at Arndtstrasse 27.

An eponymous Konditorei and Bäckerei since 1961, Chef Steigleiter having since expanded to three total outlets in the area, it is immediately upon entering stylish confines that quality craftsmanship is evident, Loaves and Cakes first drawing looks thanks to their size but Pralines, Chocolate Bars and even savories such as Sandwiches also present in addition to a small seating area.

Likely not frequented by tourists, staff nonetheless doing their best to explain items to visitors who spoke only English, it was with five items for just 11€ that a sale was made, the first taste of Steigleiter’s Mohnschnecke featuring good lamination and plenty of Poppy Seeds beneath more Icing than other places but not so much that the Viennesoire was too sweet.

Next taking a chance on two regional items suggested by staff, the Schokokuss apparently a play on German Chocolate-covered Marshmallows sold commercially, it was with Meringue lightness that Choux was filled, the Donauwellerollen to follow also a modification of the original Snow White Cake made from equal amounts Vanilla Sponge and Cream plus Cherries shellacked in White and Dark Chocolate.

Not about to pass on Black Forest Cake, Steigleiter’s unfortunately less moist than those found at Bareiss or Sachsenhäuser despite similar cost, it was bouncing back strong that tasting ended with Rhubarb and Custard, a light hint of Almond helping to soften the sours in a manner far more elegant than other Bakeries who instead rely on Sugar to accomplish the same.

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