Christis – Eis & Kaffee, Trier DE

Christis – Eis & Kaffee

Salted Peanut, Pistachio, Rum Raisin

Located in the town of Trier, and considered by many to be one of Germany’s best Ice Cream Parlors, it was en route to dinner that a stop was made at Christis – Eis & Kaffee, a warm final day of May finding the queue lengthy with locals but also a few families speaking French and English.

Referencing Italy in its style, but not going so far as to call the frozen flavors Gelato as the base is actually a recipe from Thuringia, it is with no artificial flavors or colors that guests will find an array of choices, a few Baked Goods in addition to cones or cups offered to-go while those dining in may also select from a multitude of Sundaes.

Machine-churned in small batches, a few Vegan and dairy-free options even offered, it was on approach that decisions were made, just 1.10€ a scoop an entirely fair price for intense flavors suspended in smoothness, a surcharge for Pistachio entirely justified for robust toasty notes while the Rum Raisin is so boozy it would probably require a 21+ year old restriction if sold in The United States.

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