Maury’s Bagels & Appetizing, Los Angeles CA

Maury’s Bagels & Appetizing

Toasted Sesame Seed Bagel, Butter

Toasted Sesame Seed Bagel, Cream Cheese

Za’atar Spice Bagel, Butter

Chocolate Almond Rugelach, Strawberry Rugelach

Sea Salt Poppy Chocolate Chip Cookie

Black & White Sesame Cookie

Challah Toast, Strawberry Jam

When Jason Kaplan stepped away from his management position at Gjelina Take Away it was only a matter of time before Maury’s became reality, and since moving from Smorgasburg to Silver Lake his cozy new spot featuring “Bagels & Appetizing” has received nothing but praise from Angelinos.

Quickly becoming a neighborhood staple just four months since opening on Bellevue Avenue, the daily brick and mortar just off US101 far more conducive to business than Saturdays inside Dinosaur Coffee and Sundays at the Hollywood Farmers Market, it is beginning at 7:00am that doors open to a stream of customers, everything from young hipsters to old couples from New York and a “dog whisperer” with several animals in-tow stopping by to get their Sunday morning fix.

Not only about Bagels, but also offering housemade Cookies, local Halva plus Schmears, Loaves and Lox, it was following a brief wait that an order was placed, limited outdoor seating thankfully available and an unwrapped bag first finding two styles of Rugelach still warm but unfortunately quite tiny at $1 per piece.

Saving additional sweets for later, approximately five minutes separating payment from delivery of two toasted Sesame Seed Bagels plus one simply sliced and dusted with Za’atar, those seeking Carbs with some tooth will find plenty to like about both “skin” and center, a hearty tug required to separate mouthfuls that comes generously topped with Cream Cheese for $1 or Butter at no additional charge.

Next biting into Challah that maintains a springy crumb even when toasted, the advertised Plum Jam unannouncedly substituted by Strawberry, it was by way of savory Sesame that Maury’s looked to reinvent Black & White Cookies with mixed results while a Poppy Chocolate Chip round was more or less faultless beneath flecks of Salt.

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