Bráz Pizzaria (Higienopolis,) São Paulo BR

Bráz Pizzaria

Italian Sausage Bread – Natural Fermentation Dough, Housemade Italian Sausage

Barra Speciale Pizza / Levissima Pizza / Fosca Pizza

Barra Speciale Pizza – Mozzarella Cheese, Burrata Cheese, Tomato Slices, Tomato Sauce, Black Olives

Levissima Pizza – Mozzarella Cheese, Handmade Ricotta, Eggplant, Cherry Tomatoes, Tomato Sauce, Basil

Fosca Pizza – Mozzarella Cheese, Smoked Ham, Catupiry Cheese

Baked Vanilla Ice Cream – Berries, Rum-soaked Biscuit, Italian Meringue

With ten locations across Brazil, the majority in São Paulo, Bráz Pizzaria has been feeding guests for 22 years, a combination of research, Ingredients and effort landing the Restaurant on several lists including a “ten best Pizza places in the world” nod back in 2017.

Exacting in its approach, Tomatoes and Cheese from Italy meeting housemade Sausage and Brazilian influences atop discs of Dough that are fermented cold and slow, it is in the Higienopolis neighborhood that Bráz’s “flagship” is located, an opening hour of 18h00 finding guests waiting in the rain for an opportunity to sit down for dinner.

Rumored to be the country in which more Pizza per capita is consumed than any other, an astonishing claim considering São Paulo’s population of 22-Million in the larger Metropolitan area, it was shortly after seating that water was offered, service loosely fluent in English doing a fine job with suggestions though a translated menu was also very helpful.

Seated near the ovens, meticulous Pizzaiolos already hard at work, it was while watching production that a slice of Bráz’s famous Sausage Bread was presented, a lightly sour note perfuming Wheat moistened by Meat bright with Herbs plus briny Olives on the side.

Offering small and large Pies, the latter approximately $22USD but able to be made with up to three different combinations of Toppings, it was self-selecting two and deferring the third to staff that Barra Speciale, Levissima and Fosca were served, the Crust unique in its ability to be both moist and crunchy whether beneath traditional Ingredients like Olives and Tomatoes or smoky Ham and a thick layer of locally produced Catupiry.

A menu with no easy decisions, though every table had at least one Pizza stand at its center, Dessert proved equally tempting from Tiramisu to Pudding, but having already tasted the former at Elettrica a choice of Vanilla over Chocolate was all that stood between spoon and Ice Cream baked under the protection of Meringue and boozy Biscuits.

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