Hexx Kitchen + Bar [5,] Las Vegas NV


Hexx Kitchen + Bar


Peets Coffee

img_20161225_111432766 img_20161225_121357_970 img_20161225_111403633

Fruit Plate – Banana Nut Muffins, Dragon Fruit, Kiwi, Grapes, Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Pears, Apples, Papaya, Banana, Pineapple, Strawberries

img_20161225_112315031 img_20161225_125157_976 img_20161225_112249289

Chilaquiles – Chicken, Roasted Salsa, Tortilla Chips, Eggs, Avocado, Sour Cream, Jalapenos, Mozzarella Cheese

img_20161225_112731 img_20161225_130713_608 img_20161225_113038198

Ham and Cheese Croissant – Aged White Cheddar, Black Forest Ham, Home Fries

img_20161225_114945 img_20161225_134104_954 img_20161225_114858457

Carrot Cake Pancakes – Cream Cheese Icing, Raisins, Pecans, Maple Syrup

img_20161225_114906293 img_20161225_142001_734 img_20161225_114922043

Hexx Dark Chocolate Waffles – Bananas, Strawberries, Maple Syrup

img_20161225_121845475 img_20161225_121924586 img_20161225_121856351

Almond Croissant, S’mores Cookie, Confetti Cookie

img_20161225_122202536 img_20161225_122150885 img_20161225_122144191

Warm Cookie Sundae – Skillet Chocolate Chip Blondie, Oreo Cookie Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, Strawberry Sauce

img_20161225_122106244 img_20161225_161328_090 img_20161225_122114198

Macaron Cake – Almond Macaron, Brittle, Caramel, Hexx Ecuadorian Chocolate Mousse, Candied Lemon


Creating new Holiday traditions, year two of Christmas brunch at Hexx with Le Cirque planned for dinner; it was as a party of three that seats were taken in the large dining room directly across from Bellagio, a four course meal prepared by Matt Piekarski with excellent service, as always, from the team led by Ari Stotland.

Hearing that the patio was a bit chilly, even tall heating posts no match for 42°F with a light breeze, it was at a sizable four-top at room’s center that the group sat as a motley looking fellow across the aisle boomed loud, yet pleasant, fueled by Bottomless Mimosas – the spirit of Christmas trumpeted overhead with Seasonal music replacing the typical IHeartRadio stuff while the NBA played on television.

Making one special request, but otherwise ordering a la carte, it was after greetings from Ari followed by Chef Piekarski that the meal got underway, the requisite Fruit Plate starting things off with a wider selection than ever while three half-portions of Chilaquiles came through creamy yet crunchy with Jalapenos along the side allowing everyone to adjust the heat to their tastes.


Previously passing on the Breakfast Sandwich, but inspired by a beautiful one landing at a neighboring table, the Ham and Cheese Croissant at Hexx has undergone a substantial upgrade by way of pastries from Bouchon Bakery plus White Cheddar now nearing 5-years old, the off-menu Carrot Cake Pancakes made via Special Request still Sin City’s best while the Chocolate Waffle ate something like a Lava Cake with crisp edges and a soft, gooey center.

Never one to pass on desserts, particularly with Hexx Chocolate and Pastry Chef Carol Garcia involved, it was with two Cookies plus one of Bouchon’s Almond Croissants that the meal moved on, the “Cookie” idea kicked up several notches by a double layer of crispy Almond Flour wrapped around Chocolate Mousse plus a Blondie that was more like a “Pizookie” with 72% Chocolate chunks infusing the buttery Cake beneath Whipped Cream and High Road’s frozen spin on America’s favorite Cookie.

img_20161225_110755260 img_20161225_120219895 img_20161225_120214022

FIVE STARS: Understandably not a local’s spot, the prices and scene tailored to the Strip, Hexx remains one of the rare Las Vegas Boulevard properties where there is far more than meets the eye in terms of the concept, the service always good while the kitchen continues to execute on a level far higher than it needs to.

RECOMMENDED: Fruit Plate, Ham and Cheese Croissant, Carrot Cake Pancakes, Warm Cookie Sundae.


TIP: The online Dessert Menu is woefully out of date. Stop in to see what Chef Garcia and her team are up to.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Home Cooking, Las Vegas NV


Christmas Dinner


Pork Tamales, Cheese and Jalapeno Tamales


Jalapeno Poppers


Glazed Ham with Pineapple
Ponche Navideno (not pictured)


Marshmallow Salad

dsc00180 dsc00314 dsc00210

In keeping with the theme of documenting all meals enjoyed outside the home, or at least those not prepared by my own hands, Christmas Eve 2016 was a notable departure from lower-middle class Midwestern Roots and European Ancestry as I sat down with the Martinez family for a night of presents, games and food.

dsc00323 dsc00317 dsc09925

Contributing nothing self-made, that deferred to the experts at CRAFTkitchen, Rosallie, Peridot Sweets and Gelatology, thanks to all who contributed to a very pleasant meal that marks my first outside the restaurant confines since Thanksgiving 2012.

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Herringbone [4,] Las Vegas NV




Brut Champagne

dsc00234 dsc00236 dsc00239 dsc00233 dsc00245 dsc00244

Shellfish Platter – 2 Jumbo Shrimp, 4 Stallion Oysters, 2 Kusshi Oysters, 1/2 lb Alaskan King Crab, Whole Maine Lobster, Coctel de Camaron, Coronita with Kimchi Salsa, Apple Mignonette, Lemon, Tobasco, Cocktail Sauce

dsc00240 dsc00241 dsc00242

Beet Salad – Avocado, Jumbo Lump Crab, Tomato Salsa, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

dsc00247 dsc00248 dsc00250

U4 Madagascar Prawn – Burnt Lemon Aioli, Tomatillo Salsa

dsc00251 dsc00253 dsc00254

San Marzano Tomato Stew – Quail Eggs, Farm Eggs, Mozzarella, Pork Ragu, Charred Bread

dsc00255 dsc00258 dsc00257

Naked Cowboy Oysters Rockefeller – Sauce Béarnaise

dsc00262 dsc00260 dsc00259

Manilla Clams and Dungeness Crab – San Marzano Salsa

dsc00265 dsc00263 dsc00266

Crab Cake Benny – Lump Crab Meat, 63° Farm Eggs, Spicy Hollandaise, Crispy Leeks

dsc00269 dsc00268 dsc00267

Bacon & Egg Ravioli – Pancetta, Farm Egg, Parmesan Cheese

dsc00274 dsc00271 dsc00272

Pan Seared Gnocchi – Brown Butter, Vodka Sauce

dsc00277 dsc00279 dsc00280

Wild Caught Hamachi – Belly and Loin with Shaved Japanese Red Mullet Bottarga

dsc00286 dsc00287 dsc00289

Little Gem Salad – Baby Romaine, Smoked Trout Dressing, Salt Poached Farm Egg, Croutons, Parmesan

dsc00282 dsc00285 dsc00284

Rosemary Lamb Chops – Crispy Leeks, Spicy Hollandaise

dsc00292 dsc00290 dsc00295

French Toast – White Chocolate Brioche, Bananas, Nutella, Crème Anglaise, Tree Sap

dsc00296 dsc00297 dsc00299

Orange Ricotta Chocolate Chip Pancakes – Tree Sap, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Covered Bacon

dsc00300 dsc00301

Espresso Milkshake – Dark Chocolate Rim

dsc00304 dsc00303 dsc00306

Cheesecake Mousse – ‘Nilla Crumbles, Raspberry Compote, White Chocolate, Flowers


Hearing that Herringbone had reached a new level in recent months, but unable to find a chance to visit during weeks prior, it was finally for Christmas Eve Brunch that a party of two sat down in the airy space on the second floor of Aria, Chef Geno Bernardo’s Carte Blanche menu unequivocally impressive, as too was service throughout the afternoon.

Greeted with a glass of Champagne at a sizable four-top, the Low-Boy/High-Top configuration now improved by several standard tables, it was with the NFL on-screen and a DJ spinning mid-tempo that Chef Bernardo stopped by to say hello and describe his plan, a strong focus on Crab for the lady at the table capturing her heart from the get-go as an Iced platter of Shellfish arrived with two thick Legs plus a Lobster, the Mexican-style Shrimp Cocktail also right up her ally while the sweet Kushi Oysters and plump Stallions also impressed along with their trio of Sauces.


Blessed by some of the best products in the city, Gino’s long-tenure and established connections to Fish Mongers as well as local Farms helping the restaurant in ways that a “Celebrity Chef” name never will, following courses diverged from the typical brunch to present an Avocado Salad with Lump Crab and Salsa, the forearm sized Prawn reminiscent of the good days at Bartolotta with even more intrigue added by the Tomatillo and bright Lemon condiments.

Continuing the off-menu tasting, many of the recipes served with stories of the Chef’s heritage, a big bowl of Tomato Stew quickly found thickness in a mixture of two types of Eggs plus Mozzarella and Pork Ragu, the bowl of Manilla Clams and Dungeness Crab similar yet different as brine blended with sweetness while the Naked Cowboy Rockefeller improved of a classic with Sauce Béarnaise in a sidecar.


Flipping back to the traditional Brunch menu temporarily, a half-portion of Crab Cakes Benedict served with Spicy Hollandaise and Crispy Leeks that would also be seen with two tender Lamb Chops later, the Bacon & Egg Ravioli as well as pan seared Potato Dumplings showed the Chef’s Pasta skills have not diminished since his days at Nove, the Gem Salad and Wild Caught Hamachi both simple and perfect with fragrant Red Mullet Bottarga a treat previously unseen.

Back to menu for a sweet finale, the games and DJ both winding down but a trickle of traffic still coming in, Herringbone’s Ricotta Pancakes continue to make one wonder why other places cannot balance Citrus and Chocolate with such subtlety, the White Chocolate Brioche with Bananas and Nutella not quite as custardy as some may prefer while the “Cheescake” really did eat like a airy Mousse, especially when compared to the thick and creamy Milkshake.


FIVE STARS: Admitting that more than 1/3 of the plates served are not currently available on either the brunch or dinner menu, but that several are considered works in progress to potentially debut soon, Herringbone continues to fly under the radar as one of Las Vegas’ best spots for Seafood thanks to Chef Bernardo’s sourcing and creativity while the service also outshines many places considered more ‘refined’ and formal.

RECOMMENDED: Madagascar Prawn, Manilla Clams and Dungeness Crab, Pan Seared Gnocchi, Wild Caught Hamachi, Orange Ricotta Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

AVOID: French Toast could use a bit more time in the custard.

TIP: Friends and fans of Geno will be proud to know that the Chef will soon be traveling to take the Las Vegas Herringbone menu to Santa Monica as well as the islands, Sin City’s temporary loss once again a strong testament to the quality of the Chefs cooking in our community.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Gelatology [7,] Las Vegas NV



dsc00310 dsc00322 dsc00323

Fruit Panettone


Samples – Salted Caramel, Pumpkin Loaf Rocky Road with Pecans, Apple Cobbler, Cinnamon Apple Cake, Rum Raisin


2.5 Liters of Cinnamon Churro Gelato

Three weeks in a row, all delicious and served with a smile, a Christmas Eve stop at Gelatology was spurred specifically by a desire to share Desyree’s creativity with my Christmas Eve hosts – her Cinnamon Churro Gelato a spot-on representation of the Mexican Donut in creamy, frozen form while a traditional Panettone was just as impressive, the springy egg bread just barely sweetened by pockets of candied Fruit.

FIVE STARS: Nothing has changed but the flavors, and that is a very good thing.

RECOMMENDED: Cinnamon Churro Gelato, Pumpkin Loaf Rocky Road with Pecans Gelato, Rum Raisin Gelato.


TIP: To-go trays are available 2.5 Liters for $30 and 5 Liters for $54.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Peridot Sweets [3,] Las Vegas NV


Peridot Sweets

dsc00201 dsc00203 dsc00204

Red Velvet Cupcake

dsc00207 dsc00217 dsc00220

Boston Cream Pie Cupcake

dsc00223 dsc00206 dsc00224

Banana Caramel Cupcake

dsc00202 dsc00222 dsc00221

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake

dsc00188 dsc00189 dsc00214

Peanut Butter Chocolate Dipped Oreos

dsc00192 dsc00193 dsc00194

Chocolate Bark with Nuts and Dried Fruit

dsc00195 dsc00197 dsc00196

Christmas Cut-out Cookies

dsc00185 dsc00186 dsc00211

Thumbprint Cookie

dsc00198 dsc00199 dsc00200

Milk and Dark Chocolate Truffles

dsc00183 dsc00184 dsc00210

An oft overlooked bakery on South Rainbow, owner Tiffany Jones bulk of business based on Custom Cakes, Restaurant Supply and Corporate Accounts, Peridot Sweets remains a go-to for those who know the value scratch baking compared to the boxed alternative as Chef Jones and her team create both beautiful classics and a handful of novel flavors.

Closed on Christmas Eve, but happy to provide a variety of Holiday Treats for that night’s family gathering, it was after enjoying Breakfast with Mrs. Jones that the large box was refrigerated until later that evening, the 24+ hours since creation unfortunately turning both Boston Cream Pie and Banana Caramel Cupcakes into mush while the Red Velvet and Chocolate Raspberry fared far better as a result of their frosting, the Cream Cheese in particular quite impressive with just enough sugar to offset the sour.

Using a far better grade of Butter than big-name retailers, the Chocolate too an upgrade from anything likely to be found in the kitchen of nearby competition, additional great bites were found in jammy Thumbprints as well as Christmas Cutouts that practically melted on the tongue, the Bark studded in red Craisins and green Pistachios as pretty as it was delicious while the Candies and dipped Sandwich Cookies were crowd pleasers for those looking for something small and sweet to end the meal.


FOUR STARS: Battling constraints of location as well as kitchen size, the lack of walk-in traffic only allowing Jones and Team to offer a limited number of retail products on-site each day, Peridot Sweets remains the West Side go-to for custom work with flavors and quality to match each creation’s beauty.

RECOMMENDED: Red Velvet Cupcake, Thumbprint Cookie, Peanut Butter Chocolate Dipped Oreos.

AVOID: Long-term storage of Cream topped Cupcakes.

TIP: For a look at some of Peridot Sweets work check out the online gallery or Social Media feeds

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Rosallie [7,] Las Vegas NV


Rosallie Le French Café


French Vanilla Latte

dsc00155 dsc00157 dsc00162

Palmier, Pain au Chocolat

dsc00160 dsc00161 dsc00159

Pain au Raisin

dsc00158 dsc00163 dsc00165

Almond Croissant


Tartine Normandie – Brie Cheese, Homemade Onion Jam, Tomatoes


Quiche Tartiflette – Tartiflette Cheese, Bacon, Red Potatoes, Sautéed Onions

dsc00174 dsc00176 dsc00180 dsc00181 dsc00314 dsc00316

12” Buche de Noel – Half Praline, Half Mocha


Stopping in for a classic Buttercream Buche de Noel, no shiny ganache or dense Cake anywhere in site, Rosallie on Christmas Eve proved every bit as lovely as any other day, the small Café on South Rainbow surprisingly busy while several folks stopped by to pick up their holiday treats.


Dining with another local baker, conversation about the recent growth of the market and population trends always forever a challenge in transient Sin City, it was with a creamy French Vanilla Latte that the morning got started, four of Chef Pluvinet’s classic French Pastries as good as ever, the Raisin Snail overlooked over the last few visits but even better than remembered as the sugar glaze had a texture almost like that of Molasses.


Opting to taste the last of three new Tartines, gooey Brie and Housemade Onion Jam playing off one another as diced tomatoes added a vibrant acidity, the Tartiflette Quiche remains arguably the city’s best with clean edges and a soft Custard filled with sliced Potatoes and Bacon, the Sautéed a bit more mild in sweetness than the Jam but far more fragrant.


Taking the Buche home for later, the large log decorated with Bells, Santa, Gifts and Candy Canes almost “too cute to eat” per my hosts, it should go without saying that once the log was cut no one had any issues with indulging as one half rooted sugary nut flavors in a moist white cake while the other had light notes of coffee infused into the airy Buttercream and Chocolate.


FIVE STARS: Nothing has changed and as 2017 approaches all of Las Vegas should be thankful for Jonathan’s little gem of a restaurant on South Rainbow.

RECOMMENDED: Almond Croissant, Tartine Normandie, Quiche Tartiflette.

AVOID: Missing out on the Buche de Noel next year.

TIP: The wine vault is now open with dinner service coming soon.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Carnevino [9,] Las Vegas NV



dsc00052 dsc00053

Paper Tiger – Hendricks Gin, Ginger Simple Syrup, Lime Juice, Yuzu Bitters, Magnolia Bitters, Butterfly Absinth Spritz, Fever Tree Ginger Beer, Maldon Sea Salt and an Edible Flower

dsc00056 dsc00055

Truth Lies Low – Don Pancho Rum, Contrato Bitters, Orgeat, Lime Juice, Pineapple Juice, Chinese Bitters and Cherry

dsc00040 dsc00041 dsc00042


dsc00043 dsc00044 dsc00046 dsc00045 dsc00047 dsc00048

Rosemary Focaccia with Salted Butter and Lardo

dsc00051 dsc00049 dsc00050

Cesare’s ‘Tuscan Fries’ – Porcini Bearnaise

dsc00064 dsc00063 dsc00067

Stracciatella – Prosciutto, Beets and Mint

dsc00060 dsc00062 dsc00061

Little Gem Salad – Guanciale, Gorgonzola and Apples

dsc00059 dsc00058 dsc00066

Duck Egg – Pork Belly, Frisee and Porcini Vinaigrette

dsc00072 dsc00075 dsc00073

Capellacci di Zucca – Marcona Almonds and Sage

dsc00076 dsc00078 dsc00077

Squacquerone Ravioli – Pancetta and Arugula

dsc00069 dsc00081 dsc00080

Beef Cheek Ravioli – Brown Butter and Aged Balsamic

dsc00068 dsc00071 dsc00070

Spaghetti Nero – Crab, Tomato and Caperberry

dsc00100 dsc00111 dsc00113 dsc00116 dsc00114 dsc00115

320 Day Dry-Aged New York Strip Riserva – Maldon Salt and California Extra Virgin Olive Oil

dsc00083 dsc00088 dsc00107

90 Day Dry-Aged Bone-In Ribeye – Maldon Salt and California Extra Virgin Olive Oil

dsc00086 dsc00090 dsc00093 dsc00098 dsc00097 dsc00104

Lamb Chops ‘Scottadita’ – Maldon Sea Salt, Lemon Zest and Fresh Mint

dsc00094 dsc00096 dsc00095

Gnocchi – Gorgonzola, Figs, Arugula and Walnuts

dsc00108 dsc00109

Italian Broccoli – Garlic and Pork

dsc00110 dsc00112

Mascarpone & Guanciale Mashed Potatoes – Poached Egg

dsc00102 dsc00103 dsc00101

Fregula – Autumn Vegetables


Double La Colombe Espresso – Ice and Sweetener


Calexico – Avion Anejo Tequila, Borghetti Coffee Liqueur, Licor 43, Campari, Aztec Chocolate Bitter, Orange Bitters, Australian Bitters and Cinnamon

dsc00125 dsc00126 dsc00130

Pear Budino – Whiskey Butterscotch and Poached Pears

dsc00136 dsc00134 dsc00139

Bananas Foster Bomboloni – Fresh Bananas and Huckleberry Reduction

dsc00127 dsc00128 dsc00129

Chocolate Bacon Cake – Caramel Buttercream and Candied Bacon

dsc00131 dsc00133 dsc00132

Blood Orange Cheesecake – Toasted Almonds and Edible Flowers

dsc00140 dsc00141

Italian Butter Cookies – Raisins


Dressed in a festive spirit for Christmas weekend, even Bodacious the Bull getting in on the action, it was with three friends all marking their first visit that a Holiday feast was enjoyed at Carnevino, former Chef and now-head-of-everything-Batali-in-Las-Vegas Nicole Brisson arranging a menu and even taking some time out of her jammed-packed schedule to stop by and pay the table a visit.


Currently in laid-back mode for the slow season, a brief window for America’s best Steakhouse that will see them back at full capacity shortly after New Year’s Day, it was once again with service from Captain Andrew overseeing a large team that the four-course degustation unfolded, a few surprises offered along the way further cementing beliefs that there may be no other venue in the world doing this sort of volume with results consistently excellent.


Starting off with a few cocktails, Bartender David “Coop” Cooper taking some well-deserved time off but undoubtedly involved in such complex creations, it was with traditional Gougeres and the impeccable Bread service that an order of crispy Potato Wedges were presented, the gravy-boat of bloomy Béarnaise making one wonder why this combination had not been assembled prior and something to be filed away for all future visits.


Starting off slowly while trying to limit the warm Bread and Lardo, a task never accomplished in the past and again put on indefinite hold, course one started with stretchy Stracciatella with cracked Pepper alongside a Beet and Citrus Salad with Prosciutto, the Little Gem Lettuce from the Intuitive Forager also finding itself amidst Pork, Cheese and Fruit while a golden Duck Egg sat atop toasty Brioche with Maple Glazed Belly and bright Vinaigrette.


Ever underrated for the Pasta program, perhaps not as exciting as the city’s best Italian restaurants but never dull in the least, Mario’s famous Beef Cheek Ravioli proved every bit as good as previous visits while the housemade Black Spaghetti formed an al dente tangle beneath lump Crab and Caperberries, the off-menu Squacquerone Ravioli brightened with Lemon as the Capellacci di Zucca made its way down the hall from B&B Ristorante to rouse fond memories of the Pumpkin Lune at Babbo in Greenwich Village.


In some ways all a tease leading up to the big reveal, the tableside carving of Meats as much about educating as it is about the show, “Las Vegas’ #1 Steak” remains rich and tender in the form of a lightly crusted Bone-In Ribeye while Lamb from a farm doing what they do since the 1800s is as fatty as it is grassy, the nearly two-inch New York Strip Riserva that began dry-aging on 2/6/2016 a still-indescribable flavor with top notes of Truffle and a butter-knife soft texture.


Always a bit polarized by the sides at Carnevino, the willingness to eschew simple things like Macaroni and Cheese or a Baked Potato for more interesting farm-based ideas sometimes not fitting for the mixed company of less-traveled diners, the current offerings of Italian Broccoli with Pork and Garlic as well as the hearty Sardinian Pasta are more than worthwhile while a special request for Gnocchi to be served with this course saw tender Potato Dumplings almost as smooth as the Egg and Mascarpone Mash with Pork.


Never one to take a pass on Dessert, the work of Ashley Costa and her team always tailored to the season as well as the Italian Steakhouse concept, a significant upgrade now sees Carnevino using La Colombe instead of Lavazza for Coffee service, a double Espresso next to the spicy Calexico both perfect for ideas beautifying rustic, the Chocolate Bacon Cake far lighter than the ingredients would indicate while all three Fruit offerings approached their ideas by a different angle, the Bombolini stuffed to bursting with boozy Banana filling while Kerry Clasby’s Blood Oranges soaked a soft Ricotta Cheesecake that is a strong contender for best in its genre…but still not as delicious as the sticky-sweet Budino with warm Pears, a quenelle of Cream and Butterscotch.


FIVE STARS: Visiting the restaurant for the first time on a truly slow night, only perhaps 25% of the seats filled, Carnevino somehow managed to outperform its already strong reputation for both veterans and first timers, the quality of the product never in question while the lower volume made the service even more capable than ever to truly shine.

dsc00036 dsc00146

RECOMMENDED: Truth Lies Low, Cesare’s ‘Tuscan Fries’ with Porcini Béarnaise, Duck Egg, Beef Cheek Ravioli, 90 Day Dry-Aged Bone-In Ribeye, Fregula, Budino, Bomboloni.


TIP: Both the Cheesecake and Capellacci di Zucca were offered as off-menu items, though the latter can be ordered on the current B&B Ristorante menu.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Alize [3,] Las Vegas NV




French Fifty Six – Chopin Vodka, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Elation Pear Liqueur, Fresh Lemon, Champagne Float, Sugared Rim


Cold Spiced Pear, Walnut, Goat Cheese, Hot Apple Cider Consommé

dsc09936 dsc09938 dsc09940

Pretzel, Baguette, Rice Flour Roll with Salted Butter

dsc09942 img_20161217_182139684

Sweet Corn Panna Cotta, Avocado, Crème Fraiche, Salmon Roe

dsc09943 dsc09946 dsc09947

Chilled Roasted Beet Salad – Kataifi Crusted Goat Cheese, Persimmon Chutney, Walnut Vinaigrette

dsc09953 dsc09952 dsc09951

Foie Gras Torchon – Caramelized Pineapple, Chocolate Gooseberry, Fig Compote, Balsamic Reduction, Buttered Toast

dsc09949 dsc09948 dsc09950

Spice Crusted Bison Carpaccio – Whole Grain Mustard, Cucumber Relish, Crispy Potatoes, Beaufort Cheese

dsc09955 dsc09958 dsc09957

Sautéed Foie Gras – Cranberry Scone, Honey Crème Fraiche, Port, Cranberry Reduction

dsc09959 dsc09960 dsc09961

Escargot – Puff Pastry, Garlic Herb Butter, Tomato Relish, Onion, Garlic Chips

dsc09962 dsc09963 dsc09964

Sweetbreads – Brussels Sprouts, Madeira Sauce

dsc09967 dsc09970 dsc09969

Bouillabaisse en Papillote – Jumbo Shrimp, Onions, Squash

dsc09975 dsc09974 dsc09976

Pan Seared Monk Fish – Sea Beans, Uni Beurre Blanc, Osetra Caviar

dsc09972 dsc09973 dsc09971

Maine Lobster Thermidor – Mushrooms, Tarragon, Cream, Brandy, Dijon, Hollandaise

dsc09979 dsc09981 dsc09980

Szechuan Pepper Crusted Venison – Honey Glazed Turnips, Golden Raisin Mostarda, Farro, Cassis Jus

dsc09985 dsc09983 dsc09984

Pan Seared Duck Breast – Endive and Duck Bacon Tart, Preserved Lemon, Pomegranate Duck Jus

dsc09987 dsc09992 dsc09994

Cheese Cart with Fresh Fruit, Whole Grain Crisps, Apricot Chutney, Olives and Candied Nuts

img_20161217_213121833 img_20161217_213138811 img_20161217_213056145

Mango Panna Cotta – Coconut and White Chocolate

dsc09997 dsc09998 dsc09999

Kona Siphon Coffee from Colorado River Coffee Roasters with Whipping Cream, Sugar Cubes, Chocolate and Vanilla Cookies

dsc00002 dsc00011

Hot Chocolate Souffle – Sticky Marshmallow Cream

dsc00004 dsc00007 dsc00006

Chocolate Mocha Bombe – Mascarpone Mousse, Coffee Soaked Lady Fingers, Espresso Biscuits, Cappuccino Froth

dsc00008 dsc00009 dsc00010

Fallen Chocolate Cake – Meringue and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

dsc00012 dsc00014

Spiced Pear Berliners – Salty Caramel Ice Cream

dsc00015 dsc00016

Classic Crème Brûlée – Berries

dsc00018 dsc00019 dsc00020

Apple Pie –Caramelized in Golden Pastry, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

dsc00021 dsc00022

Apricot Pate de Fruit, Hazelnut Crunch, Nougat, Butter Mints


With Mark Purdy now working alongside Joe Marsco to launch Andre’s Bistro & Bar in the wake of Andre Rochat’s iconic restaurant at the Monte Carlo unfortunately shuttering earlier this year, it was just past sunset on Saturday that dinner was served in Alize’s gorgeous dining room at the top of The Palms, Chef Chris Bulen moving several stories up and bringing the already great food to a higher level, as well.


One of Las Vegas’ most impressive views, the whole Strip spread-out with lights twinkling in the distance, it was at one of the coveted windowside four-tops that the party was sat, the floor to ceiling windows complimenting romantic lighting and white tablecloths as service from a team captained by Gabriel Fontenier assured an added degree of elegance.

dsc00023 dsc00024 dsc00025

Requesting the menu be served Carte Blanche, Chef Bulen at this point as trusted a toque as any in town, dainty amuses including a creamy Sweet Corn Panna Cotta kicked off what would eventually be unveiled as a 6-course tasting comprised of no less than twenty-one individual plates.


Serving every dish ‘family style,’ most courses arriving in threes, proper plates commenced by way of a roasted Beet Salad not unlike that at 35 Steaks + Martinis as a result of the Kataifi crusted Goat Cheese while thinly-shaved Bison Carpaccio melted on the tongue despite its leanness, a completely different sort of smoothness found in the Foie Gras Torchon with Figs, Pineapple and Balsamic ready to be spread on buttered Toast points.


More than a little impressed by the details and balance of round one, course two approached some of Rochat’s more classical French plates with an air of refinement despite bold ingredients and portions big enough to share, the sautéed Duck Liver undoubtedly one of the city’s most unique presentations atop a Fruit-filled Scone with sweetened Crème Fraiche while the Escargot and off-menu Sweetbreads riffed on traditional preparations with added elegance.


Anticipating an entrée-course at this time, but instead distinctly told that the third round was fish before meats, it was with good timing that more of Tammy Alana’s housemade bread was brought forth, the gluten-free Rice Roll a perfect means to sop up the broth from Chef Bulen’s Shrimp Bouillabaisse while the meaty Monkfish with Caviar and Rochat’s famous Lobster Thermidor were expectedly great.


At this point starting to feel the effects of such a heavy meal, yet unable to resist either the rosy Duck Breast atop a Galette of Bacon and Endive or the ruby red Venison with soft Turnips in a pool of Black Currant Juice, it was with small hunks of eight Cheeses straight from the cart that the meal moved onward, the Mimolette aged to perfect crumbly sweetness while the Roquefort popped with bloomy Mushroom notes, particularly when paired with Fruit.


Taking an Eleven Madison Park tradition with tableside Coffee via Siphon, no accoutrements necessary but nonetheless welcomed as heavy Cream and Cookies, a small palate cleanser reminiscent of the beach transitioned palates sweet, Chef Alana flooding the table with a half-dozen choices including a whimsical Hot Chocolate Soufflé with Marshmallow Cream plus classic Crème Brûlée, Chocolate Fondant and Tiramisu plus Spiced Pear German Donuts and a caramelized Apple Pie beneath a net of golden Pastry.


FIVE STARS: Without a doubt one of the best Las Vegas Meals of 2016, Chris Bulen’s classical skills honed at Andre’s now cast in a more modern light high above Sin City, Alize remains an underappreciated gem in a city dominated by Celebrity Chefs, though with parent group Stacked Hospitality now venturing Off-Strip perhaps that situation is about to change.

RECOMMENDED: Sauteed Foie Gras, Escargot, Lobster Thermidor, Bouillabaisse, Duck Breast, Berliners, Hot Chocolate Souffle.

AVOID: Passing on the Gluten-Free Rice Roll, easily the best of its kind.

TIP: Reservations are now available for New Years Eve at Alize, the Palms location ideal for locals who don’t want to be stuck on the Strip with a vantage of the fireworks that is tough to beat.


WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Gelatology [6,] Las Vegas




Samples – Pistachio, Lemon Meringue Pie, Gingerbread Toffee with Licorice, Cinnamon Tres Leches with Honey Comb, Strawberry Red Velvet with Chocolate Cake, Maria Cookie with Peppermint and Whoppers, Thai Tea with Biscoff, Berry Smoothie with Tajin

dsc09907 dsc09902 dsc09901

Small Cinnamon Tres Leches with Honey Comb, Strawberry Red Velvet with Chocolate Cake

dsc09904 dsc09905 dsc09903

Small Gingerbread Toffee with Licorice, Maria Cookie with Peppermint and Whoppers

dsc09909 dsc09911 dsc09912

Nutella Panettone


Still not having tasted a winning submission to Gelatology’s “Suggest a Flavor” contest earlier this year, though a portion of the idea was thoroughly enjoyed a week prior in the form of Desyree’s Honeycomb Brittle, it was with a promise that the owner herself would be in Saturday afternoon that a stop was made, a whole bunch of new Gelato flavors to taste with innovation that continues to amaze.


Making way to South Rainbow Boulevard after lunch, full but focused on the idea that Ice Cream only fills in the cracks, it was a cheerful Mrs. Alberganti who greeted patrons at the door, sample after sample presented as the holidays were discussed, and a smile always present on one of the Las Vegas food industry’s most universally beloved faces.


Intrigued by stories of her inspiration, the light Licorice infused Gingerbread Toffee so awash in spicy aromatics that it makes both seasonal Frosted Houses and Cookie Men pale in comparison, even better bites were found in the Maria Cookie with Peppermint and Whoppers based on a confection found in Southern California while the Cinnamon Tres Leches with Honey Comb came not from my brain, but from a Cake that still stands out as my favorite dessert of the 2016 from Super Chunk in Scottsdale.


Enjoying the mellow fruit notes of “Red Velvet with Chocolate Cake,” the typical artificial colors replaced by fresh Strawberries while Lemon Meringue Pie came complete with buttery crust and airy Egg-White pockets, it was after more talk and well-wishes for the Holidays that way was made to the street, a wispy Panettone with a hefty core of pure Nutella taken home for later indulgence.

FIVE STARS: It can be counted on one hand how often this blog has two entries for the same place in back-to-back weeks – yet even in a city with plenty of choices, why accept anything less than the best?

RECOMMENDED: Nutella Panettone, Cinnamon Tres Leches with Honey Comb, Strawberry Red Velvet with Chocolate Cake, Maria Cookie with Peppermint and Whoppers, Lemon Meringue Pie.


TIP: In addition to Traditional, Fruit or Nutella Panettone currently available in-store or for pre-order at $15 a loaf, Desyree also revealed that she is now responsible for several of the dessert selections at Boca Park Sambalatte for those reluctant to make the trip South.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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CRAFTkitchen [6,] Henderson NV






Pomegranate Mimosa

dsc09841 dsc09843 dsc09844

Spiced Apple Pop Tart

dsc09835 dsc09837 dsc09846

Almond Kouign Amann

dsc09840 dsc09839 dsc09852

Pecan Sticky Bun

dsc09847 dsc09848 dsc09851

Smoked Salmon – Housemade Pretzel Roll, Sliced Tomato, Cream Cheese, Shaved Red Onions, Fried Capers, Micro-greens

dsc09855 dsc09858 dsc09860

Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes – Fresh Marinated Strawberries, Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream

dsc09861 dsc09863 dsc09864

Chorizo Scramble Skillet – Scrambled Cage-free Eggs, Chorizo, Onions, Cheddar Cheese, Spiced Smashed Potatoes, Micro-cilantro

dsc09868 dsc09866 dsc09865

Cranberry White Chocolate French Toast – White Chocolate Cream Sauce

dsc09870 dsc09871 dsc09872

Sweet Potato Fries – Maple Bacon Aioli

dsc09873 dsc09874 dsc09877

Slow Roasted Pork Sandwich – Shredded Port, Rapini, Crispy Garlic, Provolone, Italian Sesame Bread

dsc09878 dsc09879 dsc09880

Nonna’s Chicken Cacciatore – Breaded Braised Chicken Stewed in Tomato Sauce, Button Mushrooms, Creamy Parmesan Mascarpone Polenta

dsc09890 dsc09892 dsc09893

Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding with Crème Anglaise

dsc09886 dsc09888 dsc09887

Chocolate Buche de Noel

dsc09916 dsc09918 dsc09920 dsc09922 dsc09921 dsc09925

Seasonal Gift Basket with CRAFTkitchen Blend Coffee, Chewy Granola, White Chocolate Nut Clusters, Dark Chocolate Nut Clusters, Peppermint Bark, English Toffee


Crossing the one year mark and still packing the place with patrons from Henderson as well as Las Vegas, Jaret Blinn’s ever-changing weekend brunch at CRAFTkitchen proves difficult to resist even for those as far away as the city’s northwest reaches, this Saturday and Sunday’s Italian theme seeing the Chef reference everything from Philadelphia’s *better* famous Sandwich to recipes from his mother’s kitchen.


Arriving later than usual, minutes past noon finding only a few chairs unfilled and Monkey Bread already sold out, it was as a duo that Brunch was enjoyed in a windowside booth with service from a vibrant young staff that continues to impress by way of its professionalism, the kitchen given carte-blanche to send out whatever was felt best with a focus on the weekly specials.


Chatting with the Chef about any number of things as he stopped by intermittently to describe plates, his passion for family and local community always on the tip of his tongue, it was with pastries warm from the oven that the meal got started, the Pop Tart better than recalled from last time with a whole lot of Fruit wrapped in crisp Pastry while the Sticky Bun and Almond Kouign Amann both remain unparalleled on the local level.


Now offering Mimosas and Bloody Marys alongside the house-blend Coffee, a bottomless option passed in favor of a single Pomegranate infused sparkler, first plates consisted of Smoked Salmon atop Blinn’s fresh-baked Pretzel Roll with Sliced Tomato, a Schmear and crispy Capers, the Pancakes to follow as light as Angel Food Cake beneath lightly sugared Strawberries and enough Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream to make any additional topping unnecessary.


Mixing old and new, salty and sweet, a follow-up duo saw the kitchen send forth spicy Pork Sausage nestled in a pot of Scrambled Eggs with Cheese and Onions atop pan-fried Fingerlings, the robust flavors well suited to the crisp air of mid-December while Cranberry White Chocolate French Toast offered three Custard-rich slices with Craisins sprinkled amidst the Crème Anglise atop it.

Remiss to have not yet tried CRAFTkitchen’s Sweet Potato Fries, the Maple Bacon Aioli served with it as silky smooth as it is complex in flavor profile, the weekend special riff on DiNic’s classic Sandwich from Reading Terminal Market is the sort of thing the restaurant should strongly consider adding full time, the melty Provolone and golden Sesame Bun alone turning heads and rousing envy from two women pretending to still be satisfied with sharing Quiche and a Salad.


Not to say Jaret’s crustless Quiche and well-composed piles of Greens are to be overlooked, but far more interested in seeing how the Chef might play homage to his Mother’s Chicken Cacciatore, those interested in one of the city’s best deals for rustic Italian cooking would be well-advised to be on the lookout next time as the Breaded Chicken Breast was perfectly stewed in Mushroom-rich Tomato Sauce atop a creamy bed of Mascarpone Polenta.


Interesting to see the restaurant doing better Dessert business with smaller portions at a lower cost, the idea of something small and sweet to finish still a foreign one, it was with an all-in approach that spoons and forks plunged into steamy Bread Pudding richly imbued with Chocolate and topped in Crème Anglaise while the full-size Buche de Noel, available also in $2.95 slices, was every bit as delicious as it was beautiful to look at.

FIVE STARS: Better and better with each visit, the teamwork and passion of everyone involved palpable in the food as well as the vibe, CRAFTkitchen manages what more “famous” brunches like those at Bouchon or Mon Ami Gabi cannot by being family-owned, small and flexible, each week offering new temptations whether one veers light, savory and even Gluten-free or far more indulgent.

RECOMMENDED: Kouign Amann, Sticky Bun, Smoked Salmon, Slow Roasted Pork Sandwich, Nonna’s Chicken Cacciatore, Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding, Buche de Noel.


TIP: Currently offering individual seasonal treats in addition to the top-tier Chewy Granola, those still in need of a locally-crafted Christmas gift for the epicure in their life may be interested in checking out CRAFTkitchen’s Seasonal Gift Basket with CRAFTkitchen Blend Coffee, Chewy Granola, White Chocolate Nut Clusters, Dark Chocolate Nut Clusters, Peppermint Bark and English Toffee in one of two elegant boxes.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Crunch Donut Factory, Las Vegas NV


Crunch Donut Factory

dsc09796 dsc09798 dsc09799

Brad Fritter – Classic Apple Fritter

dsc09792 dsc09794 dsc09795

Bet Me White – Old Fashioned Glazed Donut

dsc09809 dsc09810 dsc09811

Snoop Doughgy Doughg – Long John with Chocolate Icing and Filled with Bavarian Cream

dsc09805 dsc09807 dsc09808

Marilyn Mondough – Red Velvet Cake Donut with Strawberry Cream Ring

dsc09813 dsc09814 dsc09817

David Doughy – Yeast Donut with Salted Caramel Icing, Cream Cheese and Chocolate Drizzle

dsc09818 dsc09819 img_20161217_072116

Matt Frank Dough – Chocolate Cake Donut dipped in Chocolate Icing with German Chocolate Frosting

dsc09800 dsc09801 dsc09804

Beyonce Doughles Lemonade – Yeast Bismarck filled with Lemon Filling and Lemon Frosting


Recently opened in the same shopping plaza as Al’s Donuts, a location directly across Maryland Parkway from the UNLV Student Union seemingly the perfect spot for 24/7 fried treats, Crunch Donut Factory brings its concept west from Arlington Texas and with clever celebrity names for each of their concoctions the results are mostly impressive.


Not exactly as ‘artisan’ as Donut Bar pretends, yet not as slipshod as a place like Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, Crunch Donut Factory on Harmon Avenue splits the difference between tradition and modernity with a bevy of Cake, Yeast and Filled choices topped with simple glaze or many preconceived combinations, an added bonus offered by way of building one’s own at the Crunch Creation Station.


Decorated in pink and white stripes with green detailing, each booth bearing a logo with a bizarre Donut man smiling for selfies in back, service at Crunch just prior to 6:30am on Saturday came by way of a chipper youngster, gleefully shouting greetings about Crunch Time to each patron who enters.


Perusing the glass case, Donuts fried throughout the day to replenish supply as needed, most options range anywhere from $2-$3, a cheaper-by-the-dozen-or-half deal yielding six carefully boxed rings plus a Fritter for a pre-tax cost of just thirteen dollars.


Chuckling at the seemingly nonsensical references involved in some of the choices, though Betty White makes perfect sense in the setting of a soft and rich Old Fashioned while the knockoff of Voodoo’s “Blazer Blunt” based on Snoop Dogg proved superior to the original despite Vanilla Cream only filling a quarter of it, “David Doughy” was lost on me both in terms of taste as well as title as the ‘yeasted’ base was far too dense, particularly with the glob of unsweetened Cream Cheese filling.


Pun-infesting an Apple-heavy Fritter that could have stood to be crispier with Meet Joe Black as a whole lot of sour Citrus filled a fluffy pocket topped with Lemon frosting for Mrs. Jay-Z the best bites from Crunch Donut Factory came by way of their Cocoa-heavy Cake choices, the Marilyn Mondough accenting moist Red Velvet with Strawberry Cream while Matt Frank Dough was intense and indulgent with Darker Chocolate first shellacked in Chocolate Icing and then slathered in German Chocolate Frosting.


FOUR STARS: Anticipating this opening for some time, the signage replacing a Shave Ice spot several months ago, Crunch Donut Factory brings good Donuts to a neighborhood in desperate need of them, a strong competitor to Donut Mania or Pink Box with the ability to customize to ones liking presenting something entirely new to the Las Vegas area.

RECOMMENDED: Marilyn Mondough, Matt Frank Dough, Bet Me While.

AVOID: David Doughy.

TIP: 24/7 with ordering and delivery online via UberEats.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Carnitas y Tortas Ahogadas Guadalajara, Las Vegas NV


Carnitas y Tortas Ahogadas Guadalajara



dsc09756 dsc09760 dsc09757

Taco Cueritos

dsc09753 dsc09754 dsc09755

Taco Dorado con Carne

dsc09762 dsc09764 dsc09766

Tacos Asada, Pastor, Birria

dsc09749 dsc09750 dsc09751

Tortas Ahogadas

dsc09746 dsc09747 dsc09748

Rico Postre Jericalla


Fancied by a few local fine dining Chefs as their go-to for the authentic flavors of Western Mexico, it was just past eight o’clock on Friday night that the dining room at Carnitas y Tortas Ahogadas Guadalajara was found sparsely populated, a team of two servers plus two cooks making up for limited English skills with some truly delicious food and excellent service to match it.

dsc09736 dsc09745 dsc09744

Decorated with the restaurant’s logo, maps of Mexico and some handmade pottery for sale near the door, Carnitas y Tortas Ahogadas Guadalajara features table service both indoors and al fresco from a carefully curated menu written only in Spanish, the focus on braised Meats including several styles of Goat noteworthy, though the restaurant’s eponymous Sandwich is undoubtedly promoted as a “must have” item.


Doing the small things that matter to stand out, Breads and Tortillas both made on-site with all Meats braised in-house daily, those looking for variety are invited to try any of the restaurant’s big flavors by way of Tacos with 1-lb portions also offered alongside Tortillas for larger parties, a total of $35 after tax and tip yielding a substantial amount of food with an additional $7.50 added for an oversized Michelada.

dsc09739 dsc09738 dsc09737

Waiting just a few minutes for the bulk of an order, items rolling out as ready from the kitchen, first bites of a Pork Skin Taco were fatty and succulent without a lot of acid to wash out the funkiness while a follow-up Fried Taco stuffed with ground Beef was unfortunately a bit oily, the Carrot slice on top packing a big wallop of heat while the pickled Onions, sliced Radish and Slaw helped to balance out the piquant orange Sauce beneath it.


Ready to tuck into the sopping wet Sandwich just as more Tacos arrived, each divided in two and lightly topped with Lime, Onions or one of two Salsas provided in squeeze bottles, one would be hard-pressed to decide whether the Barbacoa Goat or Al Pastor Pork offered more flavor, the Carne Asada unfortunately a bit too dry, perhaps as a result of the late time of arrival.

Finally getting around the Torta, slow cooked hunks of Pork literally fork-tender on a bun somewhat akin to Baguette that was still crunchy despite being fully saturated with spicy Tomato Sauce, suffice it to say that the specialty from Jalisco is every bit worth its name on the marquee, a traditional dessert from the region one part Flan and one part Crème Brûlée with just enough sugar to compliment the egginess.


FOUR STARS: Not exactly the sort of place likely to receive critical attention, both the location and understated signage directed mostly at its local population, Carnitas y Tortas Ahogadas Guadalajara is a strong reminder of the rich Ethnic heritage found just a few miles East of Las Vegas Boulevard – the sort of place where low prices pair with a lot of passion to give diners an experience tourists would never imagine exist in a city known for $1,000 bottle service.

RECOMMENDED: Taco Cueritos, Taco Pastor, Taco Birria, Tortas Ahogadas, Rico Postre Jericalla.

AVOID: Taco Dorado con Carne.

TIP: Open 8:30am to 9:00pm daily except on Thursdays when the kitchen closes at four o’clock. Pozole offered daily with Menudo on Weekends. BOGO Tortas on Tuesday, too!

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Evel Pie [Grand Opening,] Las Vegas NV


Evel Pie

dsc09712 dsc09715 dsc09733

Balls to the Wall – Meatballs, Ricotta, Mozzarella, Sunday Gravy, Basil

dsc09717 dsc09719 dsc09718

White Pie – Garlic, Ricotta, Mozzarella, Basil, Black Pepper

dsc09711 dsc09710 dsc09713

Hog Heaven – BBQ Pulled Pork, Onions

dsc09720 dsc09725 dsc09730

Sausage and Pepperoni – Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce

dsc09701 dsc09708 dsc09706

Replacing a few recent flops with the sort of Las Vegas born idea that seems almost too good to not have been attempted yet it was with ample expectations that Evel Pie officially welcomed patrons for Friday’s Grand Opening, all signs indicating that The Golden Tiki’s Branden Powers may just have built himself another big hit.


Co-created with the son of daredevil Evel Knievel and featuring just the right amount of kitsch and era appropriate music to reference an early eighties Manhattan, it was with several media-types having already tweeted pictures that guests were invited to taste pies crafted by local Pizza-maker Vincent Rotolo and a staff manning ovens that already seem well seasoned, the choice to go by the Slice or order a whole Pie accompanied by Salads, occasional Italian Specialties, Calzones and a sizable list of Drinks.


Decorated in everything from arcade games and taxidermy to old photographs of its namesake soaring on his motorcycle, service was a bit of a mish-mash given the nature of the evening, seating limited and tables awash in empty pans, cups and paper plates as admission tickets were traded for Beer or Pizza Slices that eventually led to a rather substantial wait.


Focusing squarely on the product, several cheap Domestic Brews served alongside some more unique Pale Ales and Stouts, four Slices were tasted fresh from a line of ovens, the simple Cheese Slice passed up but bound to be a hit as part of a $5 Beer and Slice Combination while a Pizza topped in Rattlesnake Sausage was not made available during this portion of the night.


Using gas ovens to generate a crisp Crust with good char and just the right amount of stretch, Evel Pie references the “New York” style slice shop in terms of both its shape and foldability, the toppings making a big leap in terms of both price as well as quality with first bites of the classic Sausage and Pepperoni showing a lightly acidic sauce beneath stretchy Mozzarella that complimented, rather than blunting the pleasantly spiced Meats.


Not as sold on “Hog Heaven,” the Barbeque Sauce a little too sweet and thus overwhelming everything from the Onions to the crispy Dough, a far better taste was found amidst a White Pie pairing puddles of Ricotta to fragrant Basil and light Garlic while the humorously titled “Balls to the Wall” put Sunday Gravy in proper context with Mozzarella and Ricotta plus housemade Meatballs that walked a fine line between hearty and soft.


N/A: Unfair to rate the overall experience based on a Media Event, the crowd too large and service just out of the gate, Chef Rotolo is turning out some great Pies in an area desperate for inspired grab n’ go Streetfood while Powers and his team have created the sort of environment where downtown visitors as well as denizens may want to kick back and stay awhile.

RECOMMENDED: White Pie, Balls to the Wall.

Avoid: Hog Heaven.

TIP: 11a-2a Sunday through Tuesday and until four in the morning on Friday or Saturday nights.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Naked City Tavern [4,] Las Vegas NV


Naked City Tavern

dsc09668 dsc09667 dsc09669

Bottled Cocktail – Buffalo Trace, Fireball Apple Cider, Housemade Pecan Syrup

dsc09653 dsc09658 dsc09657

Pork and Cheese Board – Naked City Basil-Fontina Sweet Italian Sausage, Prosciutto-Peccorino Stuffed Cherry Peppers, Artisanal Foods Duck Proscuitto, Mortadella, Pork Smeared Crostini, Daily Cheese Selection, House Pickles and Peppers, Sweet Balsamic Mostarda

dsc09660 dsc09661 dsc09659

Black Truffle Burrata – Warm Tomato, Grilled Crostini, Pesto, Sweet Balsamic, Black Truffles

dsc09663 dsc09664 dsc09666

Crawfish ‘Popcorn’ – Crispy Crawfish Tails, Butter Dust, Naked City Seven Pepper Sauce Sidecar

dsc09671 dsc09672 dsc09670

Halibut Milanesa – Wild Alaskan Halibut, Bread Crumb Crust, Lemon-Pinot Grigio Sauce, Garlic-Spinach

dsc09675 dsc09674 dsc09673

Cassoulet – Slow Braised Cornish Game Hen, Root Vegetables, Cannellini Beans, Naked City Bacon, Naked City Basil-Fontina Sweet Italian Sausage

dsc09676 dsc09678 dsc09677

Shrimp and Grits – Geechie Boy Mills Jimmy Red Grits, White Shrimp, Naked City Bacon, Hon Shemiji Mushrooms, Fresh Herbs

dsc09685 dsc09686 dsc09687

Short Rib Wellington – Braised Beef Short Rib, Wild Mushroom Duxelle, Bay Spinach, Red Wine Demi Glace, Crispy Sea Beans

dsc09681 dsc09682 dsc09683

Potato Puree – Gold Potato, Perigord Truffle Butter

dsc09691 dsc09693 dsc09692

Goat Osso Bucco – Braised Goat, Rich Vegetable Laced Tomato Sauce, Garganelli, Toasted Bread Crumbs

dsc09695 dsc09696 dsc09694

Shisito Rellano – Five Cheese Stuffing, Cast Iron Cooked

dsc09688 dsc09689 dsc09690

Barley and Lentil – Cacio e Pepe Style


Originally getting a glimpse of Christopher Palmeri’s vision for Naked City Tavern over a year ago with plates exploring the boundaries of “bar food” at Naked City on Paradise, the full concept unfurled during a Chef Series event for over a dozen patrons several months later, it has been a pleasure to see the 24/7 spot on South Pecos continue to develop ever since its July 2016 opening, an invitation to be one of the first to experience the new Winter Chef’s menu truly an honor this Monday evening.


Still one of the hardest working Chefs in Sin City, his Buffalo-roots ever apparent as the Holiday décor and sounds of the Ravens and Patriots on Monday Night Football did little to hide a Bills mural or T-shirts in Blue and Red, it was at a long table with six other guests that myself and a Naked City First-timer sat for a multi-course meal the likes of which I’ve not seen in such a setting since Carlo Mirarchi’s early Roberta’s days, Manager Robert Chaney proving a gracious host with the assistance of two young ladies.


Long ago garnering national attention for food far better than it needed to be at Naked City Pizza Shop at Moondoggies, a combination of talent and tenacity plus a little bit of luck going a long way to allow for expansion including Naked City Tavern and a recent agreement to be the official Pizza purveyor for Las Vegas Motor Speedway, it was with a Cocktail of bottled Autumn that the meal got started, a Charcuterie Board offering good bang for the buck with fragrant and snappy Sausage served alongside stuffed Cherry Peppers, House-cured Pickles plus a duo of Artisanal Foods imported Meats and Cheeses.

dsc09643 dsc09652

Proudly listing his purveyors on a chalkboard in the dining room, something surely not seen at other all-day-and-all-night joints in town, course two featured a creamy ball of Burrata showered with Black Truffles at the center of a pool of crushed Tomatoes and Pesto, the Crawfish ‘Popcorn’ as clever as it was tasty with lightly battered Tails topped in Butter Powder alongside housemade Hot Sauce certainly not for the faint of heart or stomach.


No doubt a hearty seasonal menu, the Halibut a lone exception as each flaky Filet is lightly coated in just enough Bread Crumbs to sop up a touch of the vibrant Citrus Sauce, Palmeri’s Game Hen Cassoulet is only marred by the fact that the Garlic would have been better served roasted and smashed than as whole Cloves, the Shrimp and Grits, on the other hand, absolutely flawless with a smooth texture resulting from slow-cooking a perfect backdrop to tender Shrimp along with housemade Bacon and pan-seared Mushrooms.


Seeing other diners slowing down, even though the richest plates were yet to come, those favoring fork-tender Short Rib need look no further than Naked City Tavern’s Wellington, the Wild Mushroom Duxelle a bit salty but well matched by Bay Spinach, Sea Beans and the Red Wine Demi while the Ragout of Goat Osso Bucco layered nicely with rolled pasta despite a few bones found amidst the Garden-fresh Red Sauce.


Rounding out the main course with three sides, Palmeri’s time spent studying “Chef of the Century” Joel Robuchon clearly not wasted as evidenced by the creamy Potatoes topped in a knob of housemade Truffle Butter, another sophisticated bite is found in the soft Lentils served “Cacio e Pepe” style while the stuffed Shisitos were a Russian Roulette sort of dish with some blazing while others were quite mild.


FOUR AND A HALF STARS: Still holding out for a truly excellent dessert, but otherwise completely impressed by the constant creativity from Christopher and his team, Naked City Tavern’s recent nod as “Best Bar Food” was perhaps the most hilarious understatement of 2016, the plates being sent out far better than several ‘fine dining establishments’ both on and off The Strip, with better ingredients at a lower price point.

RECOMMENDED: Short Rib Wellington, Crawfish ‘Popcorn,’ Shrimp n’ Grits, Potato Puree, Cassoulet.

AVOID: Look out for bones in the Osso Bucco and for whole cloves of Garlic in the Cassoulet.

TIP: There is a Duck Confit Lasagna on the menu. I do remember making that recommendation when Chris put up a social media post looking for ideas. Just sayin’.  Smilie: :-)  Menu goes live 12/13/16.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Toddy Shop by The 6Pack Chef, Las Vegas NV


Toddy Shop by The 6Pack Chef

dsc09609 dsc09607 dsc09608

Kothu Parotta – Multi Layered Flaky Flat Bread, Stir Fried Veggies, Chili Beef, Toddy Shop Assorted Chips

dsc09610 dsc09612 dsc09611

Pot of Biriyani – Fragrant Basmati, Chicken Masala, Ghee, Cashew, Raisin, Crispy Onion

dsc09616 dsc09618 dsc09619

Indian Chopsuey – Crispy Noodle, Chili-Garlic Gravy, Stir Fried Veggies, Char Grilled Baby Bok Choy, Bulls Eye

dsc09620 dsc09622 dsc09621

Kappa and Konj – Turmeric Mashed Tapioca, Shrimp Masala, Tempered Mustard Seeds, Curry Leaf, Whole Red Chili, Desiccated Coconut, Toddy Shop Assorted Chips


Say what you will about Hemant Kishore’s recent career trajectory, from early-morning hours baking at PublicUS to a high-end catering service delivering nutritious boxed lunches to clients focused on their health, there is little doubt that the man puts a lot of passion and integrity into every single project he approaches, Toddy Shop by The 6Pack Chef at Inn Zone on Rainbow hoping to entirely reinterpret Sin City’s idea of what constitutes “Indian” Food.


Not exactly the most likely location, a University of Michigan Bar that rivals any in Ann Arbor for the veracity of its fans, it was after a somewhat unfortunate incident that a repeat attempt was made to visit the small dining area tucked away next to a tiny kitchen where the young Chef from Southern India sets up each evening, the well-culled menu playing of the roadside shops and comfort dishes of Kishore’s youth.


Dining with a friend who has possibly visited every Indian restaurant in the 702, our palates often matching as relates to most things besides his disproportionately high tolerance of heat, it was in passing a television area completely decked out in Maize and Blue that we were greeted by Hemant’s partner at the small kitchen window before taking a seat in the small dining area, music from a nearby Jukebox playing at bar-loud levels with everything from rock to country as the basketball Wolverines were being trounced on a nearby screen by the UCLA Bruins.


Looking over a menu of all-day bar-food plus several Toddy Shop nightly specials, it was with a bit of sadness for the Chef that a patron actually had the nerve to ask whether he could bring in food from a nearby Mexican fast-food restaurant, the typical Inn Zone client most certainly not a foodie, let alone the sort to appreciate the quality or skill in the preparation of the restaurant-within-a-bar’s Farmer’s Market ingredients.


Eventually deciding on four plates, each more than sizable enough to share amongst a party of three or four, it was with a slow roll-out that each dish arrived at a four-top soon to be filled to capacity, the Kothu Parotta offering a whole lot of heat as Chili-rubbed beef was tossed into a stir-fry of Vegetables and flaky flatbread that soaked up a lot of flavor from the pan juices plus an assortment of housemade Chips that were tasty on their own, but even better when used as delivery devices for bites from the bowl with which they were mixed.


Having previously tasted The 6Pack Chef’s Biriyani at the Chef Series Potluck, here even better in a warm stone pot and certainly the most recognizable plate on a menu of dishes likely unfamiliar to all but descendants of India or those exceedingly well-traveled, Indian Chopsuey came across as an almost fusion-y plate of crispy Noodles amidst fragrant Gravy and Baby Bok Choy, the Birds Eye Chili melding nicely with a fried egg that mixed to leave each bite glistening.

dsc09597 dsc09600 dsc09602

Given a hard time by the bartender for only ordering two glasses of water, a comment questioning my manhood brushed off by a patron of the bar who referred to the Inn Zone employee as an A**hole, it was with a “poor man’s” dish of Kappa and Konj that dinner concluded, the Turmeric Mashed Tapioca an absolute stunning flavor when mixed with India’s version of the trinity, a few Shrimp cooked Masala style plus Desiccated Coconut that tempered the heat while giving the whole bowl a sweet and nutty perfume that lingered.


FOUR AND A HALF STARS: Setting aside my alma matter and the manner in which staff and patrons feel fit to treat their guests, Toddy Shop by the 6Pack Chef is a dessert or two short of being “destination” Indian food for those willing to explore the boundaries of more traditional fare.

RECOMMENDED: Kappa and Konj, Kothu Parotta, Indian Chopsuey.

AVOID: Wearing anything Scarlet, Grey, Green, White or other than Maize and Gold here during Football Season.

TIP: Offering delivery by way of Bite Squad, another worthy tidbit is Chef Kishore’s drunken Holiday Cake currently available for pre-order.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Gelatology [5,] Las Vegas NV



dsc09574 dsc09577 dsc09578

Samples – Cookies and Cream, Nutella Bomboloni, Chicken Cup o’ Noodle, Cotija and Corn, Pistachio

dsc09582 dsc09584 dsc09581

Small Figs and Balsamic, Cinnamon Churro / Small Cinnamon Churro / Small Cookies and Cream

dsc09593 dsc09592 dsc09594

Honey Comb Brittle

dsc09585 dsc09590 dsc09586

Warm Chocolate Chip Toffee Cookie

dsc09587 dsc09588 dsc09591

Warm Nutella Bomboloni


Although it appears Desyree has been getting more well-deserved time off than usual lately, two previous weekend visits finding the shop manned by one of her ever-pleasant assistants, Gelatology continues to shine as brightly today as it did when originally opening on South Rainbow, the flavors as well as the textures easily better than any other in Sin City with creativity that warrants national acclaim.


Still an anticipated daily fixture on Social Media, Chef Alberganti’s live-stream of unique flavors set to music with an occasional view of Baked Goods in progress always enticing, as well, it was to several new flavors that patrons were treated on Saturday just after opening, the Chicken Cup o’ Noodle a spot-on riff of something that seems as though it could have only arisen from a drunken bar bet while the Cinnamon Churro and Nutella Bomboloni played on recent baking escapades, the sort of thing not uncommonly seen in fine dining these days.

Eventually making tough choices, the temptation always present to dramatically over-order, it was with a blend of Churros to Balsamic and Figs that tastes trended with beautiful complementation, a fresh-baked Chocolate Chip Toffee Cookie still featuring slightly molten morsels while the Honey Comb Brittle shattered with a whole lot of flavor, dissolving slowly into a sticky Caramel-like substance that threatens to loosen any fillings that might be present.


Sitting and enjoying the work of a place that continues to innovate and evolve even though any semblance of local competition exists far in the rearview, it was at the behest of the young clerk that the table taste-test three fresh-from-the-fryer Bombolini in a small clamshell, the flavor almost identical to that of the frozen concoction previously tested and completely oilless beneath Granulated Sugar harboring a smooth Hazelnut and Chocolate center.

FIVE STARS: Simply the best. Visit, Sample and Smile.

RECOMMENDED: Balsamic and Fig Gelato, Cinnamon Churro Gelato, Honey Comb Brittle, Nutella Bomboloni.


TIP: Seasonal Panettone is currently available in-store or for pre-order at $15 a loaf. Frosted Cut-Out Cookies also currently decorate shelves.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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The Noodle Man, Las Vegas NV


The Noodle Man

dsc09544 dsc09545

Pudding Milk Tea

dsc09546 dsc09548 dsc09547

Chong Qing Style Spicy and Sour Noodles – Ground Pork, Peanuts, Sweet Potato Vermicelli, Green Onion, Cilantro

dsc09553 dsc09549 dsc09555

Chicken and Mushroom Pancake – Chicken Breast, King Oyster Mushrooms, Black Mushrooms, Hon Shimeji Mushrooms

dsc09551 dsc09552 dsc09554

Vegetable Pancake – Egg, Leek, Dry Tofu, Sweet Potato Vermicelli

dsc09556 dsc09557 dsc09558

Sliced Pork and Mushroom Knife Sliced Noodles – Pork Belly, Eggs, Black Fungus, King Oyster Mushrooms, Black Mushrooms, Hon Shimeji Mushrooms

dsc09560 dsc09559 dsc09561

Hot & Spicy Noodle – Ground Pork, Peanuts, Bean Sprouts, Preserved Vegetable, Spinach, Chopped Green Onion

dsc09564 dsc09563 dsc09562

Fried Beef and Green Onion Dumplings

dsc09565 dsc09568 dsc09566

String Beans with Braised Pork Chow Mein – Braised Pork, String Beans, Potato, Onion and Bell Pepper

dsc09569 dsc09571 dsc09570

Chicken and Eggplant Knife Sliced Noodles – Shredded Chicken, Eggplant, Jalapeno, Tofu, Tomato

dsc09535 dsc09537

Not especially sold on “noodle soups,” even during a time where people form hour-long lines for Ramen and whole books are written about the history of Pho, it was with six adults plus two children that nearly half the seating at The Noodle Man was filled on Saturday, the results rousing hope for an entire genre of food as friendly service nicely compliments a kitchen offering both dinner and a show.


Known for its housemade noodles, a glass partition separating the modern dining room from cast-iron pans, woks and boiling water while those sitting at the counter are face-to-face with Chefs whipping Noodles around and slicing the dough by hand, the menu reads rather simply with three pages divided into “Appetizers,” “Knife sliced Noodles or Rice” and “Noodles / Chow Mein,” though the amount of variation on these concepts covers a wide range of tastes.

dsc09540 dsc09541 dsc09539

Not claiming any particular expertise as relates to Asian Noodles, only one in the group having previously visited the small restaurant just south of the 215 on Rainbow Blvd, it was with the opinion of several ages and ethnicities weighed that a total of eight items – some in double portions – were selected to covering each of the menu’s sections, the total bill just $112 when accounting for tax plus a sizable tip.


Acknowledging a limited tolerance for heat, the chunky Pudding Milk Tea with light Caramel notes a good choice for quelling Chili Oil and Szechuan Peppers used in bowls such as the tangy Chong Qing Style Sweet Potato Vermicelli with ground Pork and Peanuts that was amongst the meal’s most satisfying plates despite substantial difficulty in transferring the slippery glass noodles to share bowls, another great opening dish was the pan-seared Chicken and Mushroom Pancake with pounded Breast layered atop a blend of Fungus with a slight Iodine note from the Hon Shimeji Mushrooms.


Not particularly sold on the Vegetable Pancake or the Potstickers, both skipping the ‘easy’ method of deep frying in favor of a wok but still coming across as too oily for my tastes, it was back to the bowls that attention was turned for the wide ribbons in a complex Broth of cubed Pork Belly, Black Fungus, and the same Mushroom blend as the Pancake, each mouthful offering a slightly different experience and thus preventing a huge portion from becoming monotonous.


Finding the Spaghetti-like Hot & Spicy Noodles a touch redundant to the superior Chong Qing Style, though the pickling spices did make for an interesting contrast to the spicy ground Swine with crispy Bean Sprouts dialing up the texture, String Beans with Braised Pork Chow Mein came across almost sweet as fermented soy slicked more thick nuggets of Pork tossed with Potatoes, Onions and Peppers, the Chicken and Eggplant Knife Sliced Noodles another big winner as the each springy mouthful saw a good deal of heat foiled by roasted hunks of Eggplant, diced Tomatoes, Jalapenos and soft Tofu.

FOUR STARS: A bit more limited than some of Chinatown’s best, but nonetheless doing some really interesting things in a part of town where authentic Ethnic Cuisine is only beginning to be found, The Noodle Man is worth a visit for everyone from the Noodle obsessed to the novice or skeptic, though visiting with a large group is certainly recommended.

RECOMMENDED: Chicken and Mushroom Pancake, Chong Qing Style Spicy and Sour Noodles, Sliced Pork and Mushroom Knife Sliced Noodles.

AVOID: Vegetable Pancake, Fried Beef and Green Onion Dumplings.

TIP: Several off-menu Specials are offered while the Chicken Curry is no longer available due to poor sales and its labor intensive nature.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Café Breizh, Las Vegas NV


Café Breizh

dsc09488 dsc09490 dsc09493

Ham and Cheese Croissant

dsc09494 dsc09496 dsc09497

Almond Croissant

dsc09509 dsc09513 dsc09515

Cinnamon Roll

dsc09504 dsc09505 dsc09508

Blueberry Muffin

dsc09501 dsc09502 dsc09503

Raspberry Tart

dsc09517 dsc09518 dsc09521

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

dsc09516 dsc09519 dsc09522

Chocolate Chip Cookie

dsc09527 dsc09528 dsc09532

Apple Turnover


Opened at the onset of December and featuring the work of Strip-veteran Pierre Gatel plus his partner Jerome Marchand, Café Breizh adds one more French Bakery to the growing half-dozen in the West Valley with longer hours than most and a some unexpected surprises including Coffee from La Colombe plus the offering of French Crepes.

dsc09485 dsc09486 dsc09482

Located on South Fort Apache, the interior featuring sleek design and clean white lines though the area surrounding it seems most well-known for a Dollar Store and Little Caesars, patrons of Café Breizh are invited to dine on a wide diversity of items both sweet and savory at one of the restaurant’s indoor tables or a soon-to-be-built patio while the ramp-up process in the kitchen is already underway.


Said to have been a longtime dream for Chef Gatel, his birth and training both in Northern France before bringing his skills overseas where classic recipes were featured at Wynn and Encore for over a decade, it is with wide eyes that most will take in the beautiful creations stored behind glass as more items bake in the kitchen to replete daily choices from seven in the morning until seven in the evening.

dsc09530 dsc09523

Eventually opting for a half-dozen plus one pastries, Pierre tacking on an Americano plus one more after a visit to the kitchen that is still a bit disorganized but assuredly up-and-running with plenty of room to grow, first bites of a Ham and Cheese Croissant glistening beneath a shattering shell of Cheddar quickly gave notice that the team knows its stuff, the separated layers soft and delicate despite being filled with sliced Pork and easily one of Las Vegas best savory breakfast items, on-Strip or off.


Moving on to sweeter things, even the Chef’s already-known description of a ‘traditional’ Almond Croissant not enough to convince me that the one at Café Breizh isn’t soggy and overly slathered with Frangipane – though my 9-year old dining companion admittedly liked it a lot – far better textures were found in a tightly wound Cinnamon Roll only rivaled by CRAFTkitchen locally for balance of crunch and springy center without rendering the edges dried-out.


Serving an admirable Blueberry Muffin, the shallow-welled baking pan making it almost 80% ‘top’ with fresh Blueberries throughout, Pierre’s Raspberry Tart offers a lot of good Fruit atop a Shortbread-style crust though the filling beneath is a little underwhelming, his Turnover far better as a result of making the inside from freshly sliced Fuji Apples without too much sugar and just a hint of salt.


Rounding out the morning with two Cookies, the better of the two a toss-up as each features a crisp rim and nearly Pudding-soft center, Chef Gatel states that the secret to his Chocolate Chip is allowing the chunks of Dark Chocolate to melt slightly before mixing them into the batter while the Oatmeal is just a matter of using good ingredients, something that a look at his walk-in and prep-table makes quite evident for all of his creations.

THREE AND A HALF STARS: Already off to a good start and a welcome addition to an area that certainly needs it, Café Breizh is the sort of place that will be interesting to watch and revisit over time, Chef Gatel and his partner clearly possessing a lot of skill as well as passion with a kitchen more than capable of doing more should the community demand it.

RECOMMENDED: Ham and Cheese Croissant, Cinnamon Roll, Cookies.

AVOID: I realize Almond Croissants come in several styles, but none should leave my hand wet after picking it up. Tarts also run a bit more pricey than they should when compared to off-Strip Competitors while the overhead music could stand to be turned down by about half.

TIP: Free Wi-Fi available, menu soon to expand with items like a Croque Monsieur and Canele suggested.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Four Kegs Sports Pub, Las Vegas NV


Four Kegs Sports Pub

img_20161209_173815580 img_20161209_173806492 img_20161209_173827770

Fried Vegetable Basket – Mushrooms, Zucchini Chips and Cauliflower with Cheese Sauce and Ranch

img_20161209_175500943 img_20161209_175446228img_20161209_175436851

Cajun Fries with Ranch

img_20161209_180032952 img_20161209_180112395 img_20161209_180540353

Small Pepperoni and Cheese Sicilian Pizza

img_20161209_180042412 img_20161209_180126496 img_20161209_180354682

Small Original Stromboli with Pepperoni, Sausage, Ham, Cheese, Marinara

img_20161209_182734219 img_20161209_182749046 img_20161209_190347

Spumoni Cake

img_20161209_182853530 img_20161209_182814598 img_20161209_182841327

Chocolate Cake