Wo Fat, Las Vegas NV

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Wo Fat

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Pressed Almond Duck

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Kow Yok / Khau Yoke with Bao (Steamed Pork Belly with Ginger, Shallots, Garlic, Red Fermented Bean Curd, Taucheo)

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Spicy Shrimp in Shell

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Crispy Kau Chee

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Crispy Kau Chee Mein with Pork and Shrimp

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Beef Chow Funn with Black Bean Sauce

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Having heard things both interesting and exciting about Wo Fat and its Hawaiian influenced Chinese cuisine but not yet able to coax a large enough group to make the visit worthwhile it was with great fortune that following donuts I not only managed to gather five co-diners to experience the small East side restaurant, but that two of the folks involved were already familiar with not only Wo Fat from a prior visit, but also the restaurant’s style from their years in Hawaii. Located in a less than ideal location and not particularly attractive from the outside or within it should suffice to say that a visit to Wo Fat is based more on the food than the ambiance but with service friendly and efficient throughout the off-hour it was with tea and water that the meal began, soon to be followed by a half dozen menu selections – most novel, all well prepared, and a few truly outstanding. Sampling far and wide with suggestions from everyone including our server it was with plethoric portion that each dish arrived and with both the pork and shrimp stuffed kau gee as well as the beef chow funn excellent while cake noodles and shrimp were commendable if not memorable it was in the pork and the duck that the meal truly shined – the former a complex sort of mild char sui with more aromatics and less sugar proving irresistible on soft bao while the later was simply divine, a tender confit of duck beneath crackling almond paste that added just a touch of sweetness for a mere $9.95.

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