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Donut Mania

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Key Lime with Graham Cracker

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Frosted Lemon Cream

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Oreo Cheesecake

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Red Velvet

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Cinnamon Swirl

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Italian Rum

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Nevadan – Coconut, Caramel, Bavarian Cream

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Strawberries and Cream


Originally visiting the original Donut Mania shortly after opening, owner Wayne accosting patrons snapping photos as “spies” for a local competitor, suffice it to say that first impressions were not particularly welcoming, but having again tasted long-time donut maker’s goods by way of Pawn Donuts and Coffee in the Reality TV plaza one could not help wonder if time and success had helped improved the experience at the family-run operation’s second location in Henderson.


Again setting up shop in a small Strip-Mall, this one on South Green Valley Parkway not far from Green Valley Ranch, PinkBox or CRAFTkitchen, Donut Mania #2 currently sees Wayne’s wife running the operation and with big smiles combined with an obvious passion for customer service the sailing is much smoother than the prior visit would dictate, a young woman in the kitchen even going out of her way to make a PB+J Longjohn for a customer who arrived when one was not yet in the showcase.


Never for lack of choices, the brioche-style base seen at PinkBox as well as Glazier’s reportedly Wayne’s handiwork according to a conversation in the past, Donut Mania continues to offer pricing far more reasonable than similar doughnutteries both local and nationally, cheaper-by-the-dozen or half-dozen discounts available with a $0.99 base and additional cost accrued as selections become more fancy.


Opting for a half-dozen plus two more, the majority piped with unique fillings running the gamut from citrus to cookies & cream, it was unfortunately with a dry and disappointing Cinnamon Swirl that the tasting got started and following that up with a “Strawberries and Cream” that featured only one of the former and far too much of the later one could not help but wonder whether quality had gone downhill across the valley, the next six varieties thankfully providing a reassuring answer.

Enjoying the majority of the goods with coffee elsewhere, Donut Mania’s seating limited yet more than most local shops, bites were next taken of Frosted Lemon followed by Key Lime with Graham Crackers and having recently returned from a brief trip to Florida the latter was good anything seen across the country at a higher pricepoint, the Italian Rum another delicious option with the dampened dough and two styles of cream plus almonds reminiscing of a Rhum Babas’ flavor, if not texture.


Moving from lighter flavors to those more rich or complex it was in follow-up to a supple Red Velvet Ring that bites were taken of the “Nevadan,” and although the name remains a mystery as relates to Bavarian Cream with Caramel and Toasted Coconut there is no doubting that the flavors work beautifully, the same to be said of “Oreo Cheesecake” that eats as heavy as might be expected but at the same time manages to avoid being ‘too rich’ by way of light sourness that balances the finely pureed cookie.

FOUR STARS: Still offering many of the same options as last time, though several novelties have entered the line-up since their opening days, Donut Mania stands side-by-side with PinkBox as the city’s best spot for unique fried pastry and at less than half the price of DTLV’s import Donut Bar the impetus to support locals is more than enough reason to cheer these folks onward as Henderson continues to rapidly develop as the hottest location for breakfast in Sin City.

RECOMMENDED: Nevadan, Key Lime, Italian Rum.

AVOID: Cinnamon Swirl, Strawberries and Cream.

TIP: 10% off for Social Media Check-Ins.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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