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Lobster Ravioli in Lobster Bisque

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Miso Marinated Wild Caught Salmon with Beets, Apples, Soy Sprouts

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Chicken with Green Peas, Carrots, Bacon and Broth

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Black Angus Rib Eye with French Ratatouille Rolls, Beef Sauce

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Broccoli Guacamole with Tomatoes and Gluten Free Tortilla

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Shitake Quiche with Leeks, Truffle Oil and Side Salad

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Poached Peach with Nougat, Pistachio

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Praline Puff Pastry with Hazelnuts

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Cheesecake with Raspberry and Yuzu

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Tiramisu with Mascarpone, Coffee Biscuit, Crispy Chocolate

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Intense Chocolate Sparkling Cake


Opened by three friends from France just over a month ago, Eatt Healthy Food has been promoted by several in the local industry as a place on the rise, and invited in by General Manager Nicolas Kalpokdjian for a lunch crafted by Chefs Yuri Szarzewski and Vincent Pellerin the restaurant shows signs of inspiration, though the end product still has a ways to come.


Promoting what the restaurant describes as “healthy gourmet recipes adapted to your diet offered with seasonal ingredients,” and doing a great diligence in detailing the menu with food allergies, sensitivities and exclusions for dairy, gluten, nuts plus meat, the first impression of Eatt is generated by the brilliant white and clean lines, a modern feel that seems sterile despite plants on walls as well tables while a television hangs awkwardly near the door as though every restaurant in town cannot afford to be without.


Greeted by all three members of the team throughout the stay, one female server assisting with plates, the meal began with a flaky housemade Croissant that rivals many in the city, though the butter-soaked bottom somewhat compromises the shell’s integrity while the Chocolate version and Seasonal Danish advertised on the menu were both apparently sold-out.


Told by Nicolas that the restaurant typically offers a few off-menu specials, on this day a delicate Ravioli stuffed with finely diced Vegetables topped with poached Lobster in a Shellfish Bisque, dishes like this show the high degree of technical skill offered by Chef Szarzewski, though unfortunately several to follow would fall short by yielding to “healthy” constraints.


Told that the Salmon has quickly become the restaurant’s best seller, the thin filet marinated before being placed atop a coil of Sprouts, Apples and Beets, plating at Eatt is unsurpassed at its pricepoint and although a sweeter apple plus some acid may have helped this dish better show the complexity of its flavors it was easily the best entrée offered, the Chicken virtually flavorless even with the Bacon imbued Broth while the radiant Ratatouille helped to prop up tender strips of Angus that again had the table looking for a shaker of salt.


A bit disappointed at this point, but finding the vegetables to be highlights of each plate, it was with good fortune that the Mushroom Quiche and a side of “Broccoli Guacamole” was requested, the former making good use of the lightest amount of Truffle Oil to accent Shitakes and Leeks in a fluffy Egg Custard while the later was creamy, cool and vibrant on gently salted Crisps.


Appreciating the concept both as a physician and diner, the need for well-priced alternatives to “quick-casual” staples like Panera, Chipotle and others something the nation surely needs, it was here that Pastry Chef Pellerin took over the tasting, a poached Peach showcasing the season with a Nougat core and crushed Pistachios in light Syrup while the linear Brest, liquid-centered Cheesecake, Tiramisu and Pure Chocolate Cake were all individually portioned and full-flavored rivals to what several restaurants have to offer at an inflated price-point on the Strip.


THREE STARS: Acknowledging that healthy means different things to different people, one person’s Veganism or anti-GMO Politics irrelevant to a patient with Diabetes following a low-carb diet or the Hypertensive adhering to DASH Guidelines, there is a point where “taste” must be incorporated into every recipe, something that the EATT team will hopefully find a way to exemplify while still sticking to the concept they hope to promote.


RECOMMENDED: Shitake Quiche, Lobster Ravioli Special, Praline Puff Pastry, Tiramisu, Poached Peach.

AVOID: Chicken, Beef.


TIP: Available for delivery and catering, Open 10:30-6:00 Tu-Sa and 10:30-3:00 Sunday.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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