Coco Donuts (South Rainbow,) Las Vegas NV


Coco Donuts South Rainbow

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Apple Fritter

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Blueberry Yeasted

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Strawberry dipped Cake

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Red Velvet Cake

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Chocolate dipped Chocolate Cake

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Chocolate dipped Cruller

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Maple dipped Old Fashioned

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Chocolate dipped Buttermilk Bar


Taking a cue from Pink Box and Donut Mania, continued popularity in one neighborhood prompting expansion to another, it was midday on Wednesday that a stop was made at Coco Donuts on South Rainbow, the selection somewhat picked over by two o’clock but the quality still mostly good with severs still smiling.


Originally visited over three years ago, the earliest days of the Summerlin location showing quality classics and a Croissant-Donut that rated well in a group taste-off several months later , Coco Donuts #2 is located in a small strip mall on the west side of Rainbow Boulevard across from Gelatology, the layout long, narrow and still lacking for decoration with fried Dough lining a countertop to left in a variety of styles.


Hand cutting each Donut and closing when the day’s batch is gone, a format similar to all but Sin City’s 24-hour joints, it was with a grand tally of $8.75 that eight selections were taken to a small inside table for enjoyment, first bites of the Apple Fritter unfortunately showing signs of sitting too long as the interior was quite soggy while a follow-up Yeasted Ring with Blueberry glaze was soft and fluffy, though the translucent lacquer’s flavor tasted very artificial.


Personally fancying Cake Donuts to Raised ones, the Chocolate-base a bit dry but both the Red Velvet and Vanilla with shiny Strawberry frosting moist and crumbly, Coco’s Cruller showed textbook technique with custardy insides unfortunately unavailable simply glazed at such a late hour, the Old Fashioned and Buttermilk Bar also compromised by frosting with the Maple faring better than Chocolate and both bases slightly tangy, smooth and well-crafted.


THREE STARS: Likely compromised by the time of day or a new location, dated recollection of the store on West Cheyenne Avenue painting a prettier picture, Coco is nonetheless a good choice in a neighborhood with no lack of sweets but surprisingly few Donuts, an earlier visit at a later date hopeful to show signs of improvement.

RECOMMENDED: Glazed Red Velvet, Buttermilk Bar and Old Fashioned without Frosting.

AVOID: The Chocolate base was far too dry and all but the Maple Frosting were thick and artificial tasting with a slightly waxy linger.

TIP: 6a – 7p (or sold out) on weekdays, 6a to 2p on Weekends.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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