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KoMex Fusion

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Chips and Salsa

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Fusion Burrito – Chicken with Mexican Rice, Green & Brown Onions, Pico de Gallo, Cilantro, Lettuce

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Fusion Flauta – Bulgogi plus Cheese rolled in Flour Tortillas & deep fried plus fusion Guacamole

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Fusion Slider – Bulgogi plus Mayo, Lettuce, Onions, Tomato, Korean Hot Sauce




A locally owned institution, the “Korean, Mexican, American” concept proudly promoted on outdoor signage, it was finally on Thursday that KoMex Fusion proved interesting enough to investigate, a two o’clock in the afternoon arrival finding several menu-options unavailable even as the restaurant seemed sorely lacking for patrons.


Officially location number two, the North Decatur original spawning a sibling spot in late 2013, those entering Komex Fusion on South Buffalo are promptly greeted by a server/hostess standing at the kitchen-front podium, a sprawl of tables laid-out right and left with a bar showing sports providing alternative entertainment to the overly-loud IHeartRadio soundtrack.


Asked whether dine-in or to-go, the choice to stay followed by a gesture to sit anywhere one likes, it was with menu and water soon in hand that choices were debated, the idea of Mexican Meat-market owners spinning Asian suggesting a little from each column, though the decision was immediately nullified when the server announced they were “all out” of Noodles.


Essentially removing 1/8 of the menu, a suggestion that “Fusion Fries” could somehow replace Fettuccine a bizarre one indeed, it was instead Mexican and American that tastes trended, a three-item order tallying just over $17 after tax and tip.


Happy that single tastes of several items are available, no up-charge compared to larger plates, lunch began with a Fusion Slider featuring marinated Beef atop a soft Bun with traditional condiments and Korean Hot Sauce, the heat actually quite mild just as it was when rolled in a crispy Tortilla with a dollop of chopped Avocado.


Amused by the teensy cup of Salsa served with complimentary Chips, especially when accounting for large portions and low prices across the menu, it was next in an enormous Burrito that appetite was invested, the “spicy Pork” eschewed in favor of Chicken that was unfortunately a bit gristly, the addition of Mexican Rice an Grilled onions none-too-different from a ten-plus year recollection of Chipotle with added disappointment provided by the fact that the Korean Pancake dessert was “unavailable,” just some complimentary Orange slices to finish instead of an outsourced “Cronut Sundae.”


TWO STARS: Understanding that specials sometimes sell-out, but never understanding the point of a laminated menu with unavailable options, KoMex success seems largely attributable to big portions and low prices, a one-and-done sort of place in a city with no lack of more delicious and authentic low-cost dining options.

RECOMMENDED: Bulgogi Flauta.

AVOID: Chicken and any expectation that the menu is accurate.

TIP: 11a-9p Tu-Su on South Buffalo, 11a-8a Mo-Sa at the Original.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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