Homie’s Cinnamon Rolls & Comfort Café, Las Vegas NV


Homie’s Cinnamon Rolls & Comfort Café

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Homie’s Original Cinnamon Roll


Homies Pecan Pleasure


Recently opened and thus far receiving nothing but positive feedback, a former Dive-Bar on East Tropicana converted into a Bakery and Café to the far left of a Walmart anchoring the shopping plaza, it was mid-day on a Saturday that the decision was made to check out Homie’s Cinnamon Rolls & Comfort Café, a lone worker acting as baker, cashier and server in a place that could easily sit seventy as the Raptors took on the Bucks in the first round of the NBA Playoffs.


To this point offering only a limited menu, the Buttermilk Drop shops of New Orleans brought to mind by way of the combinations of a single style of pastry with a brief menu of Eggs, Toast, Pancakes and Potatoes, it was after a brief perusal of the options and a chat with the middle-aged woman that the decision was made to select the only two choices available from a list that purports to offer seven, a brief wait as the $8.47 of food was plated spent at a table with a patterned tablecloth that clearly once belonged to a different sort of dining room.


Hoping to someday serve as an event space with catering options, but for now content with a little bit of foot traffic that included three additional patrons over the course of a twenty minute stay, a look at Homie’s Original shows a tight spiral with golden exterior and plenty of rise, the Cinnamon clearly applied along with a whole lot of Butter making for something that is moist but not ‘wet,’ the Cream Cheese Icing applied as a smooth layer on top and not with the mess of Cinnabon or other chains.

Moving on to the “Pecan Pleasure,” a choice made largely for comparison sake since neither the “Awesome Apple” or Seasonal Favorite were available, the additional 50-cents really only nets buyers a few cracked nuts strategically placed inside the coil before baking – not particularly a ‘bad’ thing for fans of Pecans, but also not anything all that different or particularly interesting for a place hoping to break into the market as a single-item entity.


TWO AND A HALF STARS: A good concept in an area not particularly known for its culinary offerings Homie’s Cinnamon Rolls & Comfort Café would be well served to make sure that the full array of choices are available throughout the day, or to at least find some way to add ‘toppings’ afterwards, otherwise it seems like a one and done sort of experience compared to places offering a better variety.

RECOMMENDED: Homie’s Original.

AVOID: The Rest of the Menu seems an afterthought.

TIP: Previously located at MGM Grand, Homie’s is now open 6a-6p Seven Days a Week at 3035 E Tropicana Ave.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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